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The Heart’s Frontier
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Release Date: March 2012
Print Length: 320
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4753-4
Series: 1

The Heart’s Frontier

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An exciting new Amish-meets-Wild West adventure from bestselling authors Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith weaves an entertaining and romantic tale for devoted fans and new readers.

Kansas,1881—On a trip to visit relatives, Emma Switzer’s Amish family is robbed of all their possessions, leaving them destitute and stranded on the prairie. Walking into the nearest trading settlement, they pray to the Lord for someone to help. When a man lands in the dust at her feet, Emma looks down at him and thinks, The Lord might have cleaned him up first.

Luke Carson, heading up his first cattle drive, is not planning on being the answer to anyone’s prayers, but it looks as though God has something else in mind for this kind and gentle man. Plain and rugged—do the two mix? And what happens when a dedicated Amish woman and a stubborn trail boss prove to be each other’s match?

Meet the authors

Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland is the author of more than 100 titles, including A Kiss for Cade and Under the Summer Sky. Her beloved novel Stranded in Paradise is now a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. Her stories have developed a loyal following among her rapidly growing fans in the inspirational market. She lives in the beautiful Ozarks with...

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Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith is the bestselling author of more than 30 inspirational novels and 50 articles and short stories. Her books have received many awards, including two Holt Medallion Awards of Merit. Meet her online at

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Editorial Reviews

“This winning combination of Kansas, cattle drives, Amish cooking and romance will truly engage and inspire fans of Amish fiction.”
RT Book Reviews

“Sometimes, you just need a book that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel relaxed and content. The Heart’s Frontier was such a book.”

“This was a fun, easy read. I love Amish books, but this one had a new twist, which, to me, was intriguing. The authors combined both Amish and Western romance genres, surely gaining fans from both sides.”

“This entertaining Amish western romance is a fun tale...”
—The Midwest Book Review

“This was a great book…The outcome was exciting—you’ll have to read it to find out!”
Christian Fiction Online Magazine

“…a sweet love story…”

“I loved every minute of this read, from first chapter to last.”

“I adored The Heart’s Frontier…”

“This book was well written with a fun story line and great characters. I love when a book makes me laugh.”

“I found this to be a very fresh and inspiring read. The characters seemed so real, genuine and familiar and I loved every minute spent getting to know them and reading about their story.”

“It's safe to say, this is not your mother's Amish fiction!...This delightful novel is a quick and enchanting read that will keep any Amish fiction lover, Western fiction lover, historical fiction love and/or Christian fiction lover entertained. Pick it up next month if you want something that is completely unique in the ever-growing world of Amish fiction!”

“The characters are loveable and fun. The contrasting blend of cowboys and Amish makes an incredibly interesting and creative backdrop for a story. This didn't feel like a traditional Amish book. The authors brought into the story a very light-hearted feel that I appreciated.”

The Heart's Frontier is laugh-out-loud hilarious! ...This is a fantastic story of faith, humor, integrity and sweet romance. I absolutely loved this book from cover to cover, and highly recommend it.”

“When the wild and wooly west meets the calm, predictable, and traditional Amish, surely something interesting and unpredictable will happen…This book is sure to be an engaging and lighthearted read that will entertain.”

“From robberies to cattle drives the story moves quickly. I enjoyed the book and thought the writing was excellent… I liked everything about this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes Amish fiction and even those who enjoy a fun Western.”

“If you are looking for a different sort of Amish—a historical, instead of contemporary—then The Heart’s Frontier is a book you might want to consider. It is interesting, and it held my attention all the way to the end.”

“This is an interesting book that I really enjoyed.”

“What do you get when you put two great authors together in a book? A great book that is full of twists and turns that you will never expect. I have long loved both of these authors and The Heart's Frontier is a collaboration that will give a good read for the beach and the lake this summer.”

“I loved the characters and once again the pairing of these two authors. I will be on the lookout for A Plain and Simple Heart, book two in this series…”

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The Heart’s Frontier is one of the most compelling western romances I’ve ever read. The authors wove fun and laughter into the storyline, along with all the ruggedness and dangers of the frontier—specifically, the famous Chisholm Trail. This is Amish-meets-Wild West at its hoof-thundering, heart pounding, Plain old best.”
Delia Latham, author of the Solomon’s Gate Series

“I was impressed with how well this book was written and researched. The characters' back stories and personalities were revealed expertly over the length of the story; I felt I was coming to know them all as naturally as if I were another character in the book. I definitely recommend this exciting, yet gentle story of the power of faith, hard work, and family in overcoming prejudice and evil.”
Cayenne DaBell

“I found this a good book to wrangle with on the patio swing, with my gal at my side.”
—Alan Daugherty

The Heart’s Frontier was a great read from cover to cover. I loved the telling of the story through humor and faith.”
—Patti Chauza

“Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith spin a fast-paced, romantic tale with a rich historical setting.”
—Susan Kroupa,

“How can you not love this book? Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith made it feel as if I was traveling with everyone on the wagon and I hated for this book to end.”
Tonya Speelman

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