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Guide to Dinosaurs
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Release Date: July 2015
Page Count: 120
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6667-2

Guide to Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were amazing creatures. From the time the first dinosaur bones were unearthed, the story of these unusual animals has captivated both the young and old. We continue to learn more about them from the fossil record, but there are still many questions:

  • How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible?
  • Are they really millions of years old?
  • Did they live at the same time as humans?
  • Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?
  • How did they go extinct?

Guide to Dinosaurs is a fascinating and lavishly illustrated volume that takes a careful look at the evidence and how it fits with the historic accounts given in Scripture.

Meet the author

Institute for Creation Research

The Institute for Creation Research equips believers with evidence of the Bible’ s accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted in a thoroughly biblical framework.

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