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Grandma, Do You Remember When?
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Release Date: June 2003
Page Count: 48
Size: 8 x 9 1/2
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1050-7
Case Lot Quantity: 30

Grandma, Do You Remember When?

Sharing a Lifetime of Loving Memories—A Keepsake Journal

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In this keepsake journal for grandma to fill out, grandchildren can discover the experiences, happy moments, and cherished events that shaped their grandmother’s legacy. Old-fashioned paintings by Jim Daly will sweeten every grandmother’s stroll down memory lane as she shares her thoughts on the lined pages filled with questions including: tell me your favorite story about our family, what is your prayer for me, and what makes you happiest about being a grandmother?

This hardcover treasury-in-the-making is a wonderful present for families to give to grandmothers or for grandmothers to give their loved ones. The best gift of all will be the recorded memories that represent a the hopes and dreams women want to pass along to their beloved grandchildren.

Meet the author

Jim Daly

Jim Daly

A native of Oklahoma, Jim Daly studied art at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. His paintings are represented in permanent collections of museums and historical societies and in many private and corporate collections. Daly has also received numerous awards for his artwork, including the People’ s Choice Award at the Western...

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A Word from the Author

"How precious it would have been to have given this book to both of my Grandmothers while they were still living, to have their own words in it, to pass down through time."
Jim Daly, Author of Grandma, Do You Remember When?

Editorial Reviews

“Well-chosen questions make this delightful journal easy to fill out, and your grandchildren are sure to enjoy reading the end result of Grandma, remembering when.”

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01/05/17 Mary M.

I feel in love with this book. I have 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. This book is a very good way of telling my family tree to the younger generation, that they can tell their children after I have passed on.

Thank you for such a wonderful book.

05/18/16 Bridget S.


My loving eldest grandson gave me this book for Christmas many years ago. Pictures are beautiful, sentiments are loving, but becoming dated.

If you’re from divorced backgrounds or your grandmother has depression issues, I cannot recommend this book. It was a gift when he was 8. He is getting this book, completed by me, as part of his high school graduation gifts. He’s 17. My answers are so adult I couldn’t bare to give it to him sooner. It’s because my life with his grandfather was anything but pleasant. I wrote him a loving letter in space provided. I sill have 8 or so pages to complete by Sunday graduation. Wish me luck.

It is a lovely book. Not so easy to complete for some, but may be helpful for those happy in their past relationships.


09/19/15 Nancy R.

“I just received this wonderful book from a dear friend at the Granny Shower my sweet sister threw for me because we just had our first grandbaby, a girl! I can’t wait to get started on the questions and plan on including some black and white pictures of my family and me when I was growing up. What a wonderful way to share my life with her!”

12/21/14 Kathy Hitzeman

“I received a copy of Grandma Do You Remember When. It is an outstanding book. Any grandchild would certainly cherish a book like that completed by their grandmother.”

“This book is wonderful.”

“What a wonderful gift I received in your journal for Grandma’s to pass onto my grandchildren. Thank you for making this gift possible.

12/21/14 Sally Reynolds

“Books just don’t get more precious than this. It brought tears to my eyes just filling it out for my grandaughter.”

12/21/14 Marian Furness

“I came across this wonderful book when on holidays in Penola, South Australia. I was there to visit my 86 year old mother in a nursing home. Mum becomes vague at times but the questions in this book reminded her of so much in her earlier years that I had to tape a lot of the memories it evoked. I wrote stories I had never heard prior to this time. If I hadn’t bought this book, those memories would have been lost forever. Thank you so much. I would love to get one for myself to fill in for my own grandchildren.”

12/21/14 Sharon Walker

“I have searched for a book like Grandma, Do You Remember When? for some time. My parents and Grandparents have passed on. I have journals with their information in them. I love this book. I have more on order for my sisters. I know my grandchildren and I will enjoy these books as we pass them down. Thank you.”

“I just purchased this book at a book fair and it is a fantastic gift, one I wished that I had before my mother had passed away. We now also need one for Grandpa… I am purchasing several when I find them again to give to each of my grandchildren as they are born and to new grandparents as gifts.”

12/21/14 Celia Santell

“I loved all the remarkable paintings in the journal, Grandma, Do You Remember When? When I gave the book to my mother to fill out to give to my daughter she couldn’t wait to get started.”

12/21/14 Jaysa

“I think this is one of the best books I have ever had in my possession. My grandmother loved it. I gave it to her after she had heart surgery and after she had recovered we filled it out together. It was so wonderful to learn of my grandmother’s life, things I never thought to ask her before. Thank you for giving us a memory that is just hers and mine.”

12/21/14 Joy Anderson

“It is a beautiful book and I can’t wait for my Grandmother to fill it out for my daughters.”

12/21/14 Linda Holder

“The book is wonderful for my two granddaughters.”

“This is a beautiful book, perfect for my little grandaughter. I used to have an art gallery and carried Jim Daly’s prints. I was thrilled to find this book with his prints in it. Thank you so much for printing this wonderful keepsake.”

“This is a wonderful book that every grandmother should fill out for their grandchildren. My only regret is that my beloved Mary did not live long enough to finish compiling her answers. So I am filling out the book with the answers she finished before her death, and trying to answer those she never got to. I’ll then present it as a 1st birthday present to my granddaughter who was born not long after her grandmother’s death.”

12/21/14 Dan Stevenson

“This is an excellent book. Beautifully illustrated, it is a wonderful gift to give.”

12/21/14 J. Whitsel

“What a wonderful book.”

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