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Release Date: July 2016
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 x 7
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6746-4
Case Lot Quantity: 56


A Bigger View of God’s Love

Randy Alcorn, author of the bestselling Heaven, offers daily meditations, Scriptures, and inspirational quotes that will enable you to grasp more fully the grace God has lavished on us and give you a bigger view of God’s love for those who are his:

  • “We’ve grown too accustomed to grace—we need to be astounded by it.”
  • “God’s grace didn’t get us going and then leave us to get by on our works.”
  • “There’s only one requirement for enjoying God’s grace: being broke…and knowing it.”
  • Come explore the many facets of God’s grace…and fall more in love than ever before with the One who is full of grace and truth.

    Meet the author

    Randy Alcorn

    Randy Alcorn

    Randy Alcorn is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries and a New York Times bestselling author of over fifty books, including Heaven (over one million sold) and The Treasure Principle (over two million sold). Randy resides in Oregon with his wife, Nanci.

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    A Word from the Author

    "Nothing is as stunning or as hope-giving as God's grace. This devotional book offers daily meditations, Scriptures, and inspirational quotes that will enable you to contemplate more fully the astounding grace of God. I am really pleased with how this turned out and hope you enjoy it as well."
    Randy Alcorn, author of Grace

    Editorial Reviews

    "Prolific author Alcorn takes a singular word-grace-and creates a veritable treasure trove of food for thought. Readers will find themselves discovering hidden aspects to this comprehensive term found frequently throughout the bible.... For young and old alike, there's much goodness to be gleaned on every page."
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