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Good Manners for Every Occasion
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Release Date: March 2008
Print Length: 192
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3293-6

Good Manners for Every Occasion

How to Look Smart and Act Right

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While adults prompt young ones to practice their manners, many grown-ups are ready for a refresher course. Their manner expert is here! Emilie Barnes, bestselling author of A Little Book of Manners and life-management expert, is excited to share how manners strengthen adult relationships, professional interactions, social gatherings, and family ties. Not a day goes by that won’t be enhanced by Emilie’s advice on

  • the art of introductions
  • practicing corporate manners
  • handling social taboos
  • dining graciously as a host or a guest
  • sharing values with children

Includes wedding etiquette, dating manners, and that increasingly vital one—proper cell phone use! This entertaining, easy-to-read manual of manners reveals how acts of kindness transform a life at any age.

Meet the author

Emilie Barnes

Emilie Barnes

Emilie Barnes was the bestselling author of more than 80 books, including 101 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter, Five Minutes in the Bible for Women, and 15 Minutes Alone with God. Sales of her books have surpassed 6 million copies worldwide. She and her husband, Bob, founded the More Hours in My Day time-management seminars. Emilie’s...

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Editorial Reviews

"This is a much needed book on manners...not just for kids, but for adults too!...This book is easy to read and full of great tips on how to act appropriately in almost every situation you find yourself in."

"Believers need to act the best they can in various social situations, and this book offers a Christian context in manners and etiquette. Families could do well to read this together."
The Baptist Bulletin

"Good Manners for Every Occasion allows anyone—even those lacking solid examples—to make a gallant charge against the rudeness overwhelming our culture."

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