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Getting to Know God’s Voice
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Release Date: October 2020
Page Count: 192
Size: 7 x 9
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8117-0
Case Lot Quantity: 28

Getting to Know God’s Voice

Discover the Holy Spirit in Your Everyday Life (A 31-Day Interactive Journey)

Lean In, Listen, and Let the Holy Spirit Guide You
Does God’s voice feel far away or even silent?
Are you familiar with the Trinity but unsure who the Holy Spirit is or how He works?

Join Jenny Randle on a 31-day interactive journey to greater intimacy with God. It's filled with information and practices that will help you be mentored and guided by the Holy Spirit, listen to God speak to you in various ways, overcome obstacles to hearing His voice, and align what you are hearing with the truth of God's Word. 

 You may not hear a choir of angels or have a chat with a burning bush like Moses did, but you can learn to recognize and respond to God’s voice in your everyday life. And when you do, your days will be filled with amazing new possibilities and purpose. You were made for this!

Meet the author

Jenny Randle

Jenny Randle

Speaker, author, and Emmy®-winning video editor Jenny Randle has served in ministry and worked in the entertainment, publishing, and creative industries for more than fifteen years. With her unique personal story and creative-ninja-like ways, she inspires, encourages, and equips others to understand their God-given identity and purpose. Jenny and her husband, Matt, founded...

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“I didn’t know what to expect when I first began reading Jenny Randle’s book Getting to Know God’s Voice. To say I was more than pleasantly surprised is a massive understatement. If you hunger to hear the voice of the Spirit and grow deeper in your intimacy with Jesus, this exceptionally well-crafted interactive journey is an excellent place to start. Trust me, you will be greatly blessed!”
—Sam Storms, author of Practicing the Power and pastor of Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City

“Some people speak from encouragement, and some from experience. Jenny is one of the few who speak effortlessly from both. Getting to Know God’s Voice will have you feeling encouraged to encounter a deeper understanding and walk with the Spirit of God. The message in these pages is timeless and neces­sary for anyone who seeks to not just know about God, but encounter Him daily.”
—Candace Payne, author, speaker, podcaster, viral sensation

“Getting to Know God’s Voice tackles this topic with the serious, gospel-cen­tered approach it demands. It will stir you to open your heart and ears to God in a fresh way.”
—Mark Schilling, pastor, Redeemer Church, Rome, New York

“Jenny has a way of creatively introducing the most misunderstood person of the Trinity—the Holy Spirit. What makes this message so powerful is that she does it in a way that shares biblical truth while creating space for you to experience God in the daily moments of life. As you read, you’ll find not only freedom but also a firm foundation for your faith as you’re getting to know God’s voice. Thank you, Jenny, for reminding us that God is speaking and that we get to respond!”
—Alli Worthington, author of Fierce Faith and Breaking Busy

“Some books strengthen your spirit; others develop your mind. In Getting to Know God’s Voice, Jenny does both. You are about to embrace one of the most life-chang­ing and powerful gifts—the Holy Spirit. This is a must-have book for anyone looking to experience God’s presence."
—Roma Downey, Emmy®-nominated actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author

“Thank you, Jenny, for creating a complete sensory experience at the point of divine access. A way for us to enter into the heavenlies. A way for us to know the mind of Christ and step into the supernatural realm with Him, where life is truly lived. I couldn’t love and recommend this book more! Within 31 days of reading, the mind of your heart will awaken to desires you once thought deafened, numb, or lost forever. Jenny, thank you for carving out a path to the voice of God. I will read this book over and over again.”
—Kasey Van Norman, professional counselor, bestselling author, Bible teacher

“God has always wanted to be close to us—to talk to, encourage, comfort, lead, and love us. And there is no one who wants to help us know Him and His voice more than Jenny Randle! She is a friend we can trust who will not just tell us but actually show us how to recognize God’s voice so we can experience His presence and power in our everyday lives. My only regret is that younger me didn’t have this resource when I was trying to figure it all out on my own.”
—Renee Swope, bestselling author of A Confident Heart

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