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The Get Yourself Organized Project
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Release Date: May 2012
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4385-7
Case Lot Quantity: 60

The Get Yourself Organized Project

21 Steps to Less Mess and Stress

Finally, an organizational book for women who have given up trying to be Martha Stewart but still desire some semblance of order in their lives.

Most organizational books are written by and for people who are naturally structured and orderly. For the woman who is more ADD than type A, the advice sounds terrific but seldom works. These women are looking for help that takes into account their free-spirited outlook while providing tips and tricks they can easily follow to live a more organized life.

Kathi Lipp, author of The Husband Project and other “project” books, is just the author to address this need. In her inimitable style, she offers

  • easy and effective ways women can restore peace to their everyday lives
  • simple and manageable long-term solutions for organizing any room in one’s home (and keeping it that way)
  • a realistic way to de-stress a busy schedule
  • strategies for efficient shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, and more

Full of helpful tips and abundant good humor, The Get Yourself Organized Project is for those who want to spend their time living and enjoying life rather than organizing their sock drawer.

Meet the author

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp is a busy conference and retreat speaker, currently speaking each year to thousands of women throughout the United States. She is the author of The Husband Project and The Marriage Project and has had articles published in several magazines, including Today’ s Christian Woman and Discipleship Journal. Kathi and her husband, Roger, live...

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Editorial Reviews

The Get Yourself Organized Project by Kathi Lipp is practical, hilarious and filled with easy-to-follow advice!!!”
—Five Star Book Reviews

“Chapters come in bite-sized pieces, so even the most reluctant can start organizing… If you’d rather enjoy life than sort sock drawers, put this book on top of your to-read pile.”
Living Light News

The Get Yourself Organized Project is a must for self-help and women’s house and home collections.”
The Midwest Book Review

“…you will love your more organized lifestyle and you will be surprised how easily you can maintain it after reading this book.”

“Kathi Lipp’s style of organizing makes sense. I love to look at glossy pictures of beautiful rooms, but my rooms look anything but most of the time. Lipp uses common sense tips to help the wannabes reach just a bit more and find the solution that conquers their clutter, so her advice was something I could wrap my mind around. Where one family may use the dining room table as a catch all, another might have front door issues. She goes into the flow of the room, how to identify and conquer trouble spots and gives hints and tips from others who may share your unique struggles. Lipp also comes across as a chatty girlfriend who’s been there rather than a lofty expert. This is a plus when I want to tackle a problem. Nothing like a lofty expert to make me hide my head in shame. I’ll never, never, never be a Martha Stewart clone, but I could learn a few good hints from Kathi Lipp.

“… If you are looking to get organized and tame your clutter beast this is a great resource.”

“Kathi Lipp has a no-nonsense writing style: funny, to the point, very sincere and candid…This book made all the difference.”

“…this great book has really inspired me to make a start at getting myself better organized.”

“This book is a great resource that I think I'll go back to time and time again.”

“There is a ton of information here, but it is given to you in a very readable manner and gives you the tools to really tackle becoming organized.”

“This book is what every woman needs to read if you are looking to re-organize your life!”


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“In her characteristic style, Kathi Lipp makes you feel like you can get organized! If you want less mess and stress, follow the advice found in this book and enjoy the benefits of your saner life!”
Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to a Happy Husband and 31 Days to a Younger You

“I'm in awe of both The Get Yourself Organized Project and author Kathi Lipp. This is the most comprehensive but least scary book I've ever read about overhauling your life and getting it into an organized, manageable, doable form.”
Susy Flory, author of Dog Tales

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