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From Hot Mess to Blessed

Release Date: August 2017
Page Count: 256
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6703-7
Case Lot Quantity: 52

From Hot Mess to Blessed

Hope to Propel Your Soul and the Promises That Change Everything

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Dare to Believe

Every woman struggles to believe she is who God says she is and to believe the stunning promises He whispers to her heart. But when you’re a hot mess (and we all are to one degree or another), it’s hard to imagine things can be different—that you can be different.

Author Julie Gillies has experienced broken dreams, trauma, and plenty of drama, but she has also encountered the holy hope and promises of God. She longs to help you…

  • understand your identity in Christ instead of believing “I’ll always be this way”
  • embrace your true significance instead of feeling less-than
  • hold on to peace instead of freaking out when hard things keep happening
  • grasp your God-given destiny and begin walking in it

It’s not that God doesn’t bless hot messes. (If that were the case, where would any of us be?) But you don’t have to remain a hot mess. It’s time to receive and experience God’s hope and promises in a fresh way!

Includes questions for group study or personal reflection.

Meet the author

Julie Gillies

Julie Gillies

Julie K. Gillies is the author of Prayers for a Woman’s Soul. Healed from a traumatic childhood, Julie’s message inspires fresh hope and helps women understand and live out biblical truth. She and her husband, Keith, have three adult children and four grandchildren.

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08/05/17 Beth S.


Awesome book! I appreciate Julie sharing her real-life, messy experiences in relation to God’s promises for all believers. When a person is down in the trenches, it can be easy to forget them.  Thank you Julie from this blessed, but still sometimes, hot mess!!

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"If you've ever thought you were too messed up to do anything important for God, read this book. Julie Gillies writes with vulnerability, honesty, and a deep commitment to helping women find answers in God's Word. If life has thrown you a few curves and you've wondered how to move forward with confident faith and renewed joy, this is the book for you. Read it for yourself and then take a group of friends through it. The study questions for each chapter will take you deeper into God's truth, and the list of scriptures at the end will give you solid footing for a life of blessing! I highly recommend this book!"
Carol Kent, speaker and author, When I Lay My Isaac Down

"Julie Gillies writes in the fullness of grace and truth, and offers hope for any one wondering if they are too much of a mess for God to bother with. In From Hot Mess to Blessed, Julie peels back the lies to get to our hearts' greatest needs—and then introduces us to the One who can meet them completely. If I could put this book in the hands of every woman, I would. I would look her in the eyes and say, 'Read this, believe it, and keep it handy for the rest of your life!'"
Glynnis Whitwer, author of 10 books, including Doing Busy Better, executive director of communications Proverbs 31 Ministries

"Julie Gillies's From Hot Mess to Blessed is a masterpiece. The way Julie weaves together words to describe the internal world of the soul drew me right into her story. She put words to things I've felt and experienced but didn't know how to express. Julie's story is relevant to women from all walks and journeys. Her ability to connect with the reader will inspire, encourage, help them grow emotionally, and, most importantly, fall more in love with Jesus."
Julia Mateer, author of Life-Giving Leadership

"If life and circumstances have left you feeling beaten down, unneeded, without purpose, and even hopeless, Julie's words and honest transparency will breathe fresh hope, inspiration, and joy back into your soul. You'll be inspired and motivated to not only begin believing in yourself again and how much God adores you but believing a powerful transformation is possible in your heart, mind, and life through Him."
Tracie Miles, speaker and author with Proverbs 31 Ministries

"I've felt like a 'hot mess' more than one time in my life, and I can tell you it's not pretty. When I picked up Julie's book and started reading, I began to see hope and how God's promises really do change everything. The more I read, the more I see how I can go From Hot Mess to Blessed. Thank you, Julie, for making something that seems so complicated very simple and filled with hope."
Monica Schmelter, Bridges talk show host, and general manager, WHTN, Christian Television Network

"Julie's new book, From Hot Mess to Blessed, had me at hello! What woman cannot relate to being a hot mess at some point in her life? (Like maybe this morning!) From the title to the last page, Julie inspired me to wrestle with some conflicting and limiting beliefs in my life. She is not afraid to question how and why God allows tough life struggles while sharing her gift of transparency and a buoy of hope. Julie masterfully unpacks the boxes of her own heart's most vulnerable places as she simultaneously applies freshly woven examples from women of the Bible. She reminds her reader of the foundational truth that our only chance of moving from messed to blessed is on the back of Jesus. Julie reminds women 'believing is daring, but if we dare to believe, we will be blessed among women!' From Hot Mess to Blessed is an inspirational adventure that will challenge readers to live full lives as blessed hot messes!"
Pat Layton, speaker, coach, and author of Life Unstuck

"From Hot Mess to Blessed is a courageous and masterful work that will disturb you in the best way. I stand in awe of Julie's honesty, vulnerability, determination, and obedience and how that all resulted in her providing us with an invaluable harvest of spiritual insights that will bring hope and healing to anyone wishing to deal with life's most difficult passages in a deeply meaningful, faith-filled way. This affirming message of God's presence and love in the thick of crisis, chaos, and loss is a must read and a gem to be treasured. Beyond inspiring."
Torry Martin, author, Of Moose and Men

"The further I got into From Hot Mess to Blessed, the deeper the personal heart transformation, and I experienced a beautiful spiritual realignment. The extravagant love of the Father washed over me as I read and received His truths. Julie weaves Scripture throughout, confirming our identities. Julie's personal story is captivating and relatable. She makes us realize that we're not alone in our struggles, and that the kindness of the Father is readily accessible. This is a book you'll want to read and pass on."
Michelle Tellone Skorski, pastor at The Front, and radio host TheJoyFM Network, KWND The Wind, 88.3 WAFJ, WLCQ and WYQQ

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