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Flirting with Darkness
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Release Date: September 2020
Page Count: 256
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7890-3
Case Lot Quantity: 48

Flirting with Darkness

Building Hope in the Face of Depression

“Ben shows that the black keys of wistfulness and sorrow can make music every bit as beautiful as the white keys. These pages will train your ears to hear heaven’s music once again.”
—Jeremy Camp, Gold-charting singer and subject of the movie I Still Believe

“With depth and clarity, Ben draws on his personal experience to offer you the practical tools and the courage you need to retaliate against the weight of darkness and walk forward in freedom.”
—Levi Lusko, pastor and bestselling author

Ben Courson’s mission is to inject hope into a generation plagued by anxiety and despair. In this follow up to Optimisfits, he shares his own battles with depression, PTSD, and personal tragedy—and how that turmoil came to fuel his unabashed optimism and unshakable confidence in God’s ability to heal.

In Flirting with Darkness, Ben encourages you to not accept depression as a permanent state, but instead turn to the One who will champion your every struggle. He offers up the tools that helped him cling to God during his darkest moments, helping you discover how…
  • prayer can transform your spirit and turn your pain into joy
  • shifting your focus from your problems to God’s promises allows you to recognize your purpose
  • finding a tribe in friends and family will help you move beyond loneliness
  • counseling and medication can be important parts of God’s plan for your deliverance from mental illness

If you feel weighed down by despair, the childlike wonder and biblical insights in Flirting with Darkness will help you glimpse beyond your current pain to see the light in your own story.

Meet the author

Ben  Courson

Ben Courson

Ben Courson is the founder of Hope Generation, has a global TV and radio program, and is a gifted and nationally renowned speaker. Hope Generation TV show airs in 180 countries around the world. Ben's humorous, uplifting, and high-energy style couples with a gift to communicate God’s heart in an impactful way. His...

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“Ben Courson is a young and much-needed voice for today’s generation. His youthful energy is matched by his penetrating scriptural insights. This is all on display in his new book, Flirting with Darkness. Ben takes the topic of depression head on and gives biblical insight on how to defeat it.”
—Greg Laurie, bestselling author, radio and TV personality, and founder of Harvest Crusades

“Ben Courson is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever had the joy of getting to know. His love for life and message of faith shine out of him like the rays of the sun. Just being around Ben makes me feel good, and his message will make you feel good too.”
—Debbie Matenopoulos, two-time Emmy Award–nominated television host of Hallmark’s Home and Family and ABC’s The View

“In Flirting with Darkness, Ben shows that the black keys of wistfulness and sorrow can make music every bit as beautiful as the white keys. If life feels like a song and you’ve forgotten the tune, these pages will train your ears to hear heaven’s music once again.”
—Jeremy Camp, Gold-charting singer and subject of the movie I Still Believe

“Ben Courson is a voice for our generation. A poet and preacher with a powerful message of new life in Jesus! We believe his new book, Flirting with Darkness, is going to encourage the world to look to Jesus, our only hope in this uncertain time.”
—Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson, pastors of Vous Church and stars of reality TV show Rich in Faith

“Stress, depression, and anxiety are silent killers. Thank you, Ben for tackling this dark but real topic, and for providing hope to a hopeless generation.”
—Kellin Quinn, lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens

“We compete not for earthly trophies but for heavenly crowns, and my friend Ben wrote this book to help the injured heal up and obtain spiritual victories. Flirting with Darkness is a playbook that will equip downcast souls to play offense and defeat depression!”
—Randall Cunningham, Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame quarterback

Flirting with Darkness moved me with its vulnerability and its unveiling of the world of comparison we live in each day. I can’t wait to see how Ben’s book will change people by stirring faith and hope within.”
—Brennley Brown, actress and country music star on NBC’s The Voice

“Dark days are inevitable. Whether you’ve experienced it yet or not, life is uncertain and you never know when tragedy will knock. That is why this book is not only an encouraging resource but a vital weapon. With depth and clarity, Ben draws on his personal experience to offer you the practical tools and the courage you need to retaliate against the weight of darkness and walk forward in freedom.”
—Levi Lusko, pastor and bestselling author

Flirting with Darkness shines a much-needed light on the epidemic of depression in today’s generation and how we can find victory over it!”
—Meredith Foster, author, YouTube and Instagram celebrity

“In Flirting with Darkness I found new weapons to slay the persistent darkness of depression and conquer it for good. I will forever choose to ‘dance in the light.’ Thank you, Ben! You are saving lives.”
—Myrka Dellanos, Emmy Award–winning TV star

“Ben’s colorful and passionate ability to tell the truth sells the truth. Many people are talking about living with depression, but Ben has taken the stance of actually defeating it. I am so blessed by the message of hope in this book.”
—Doe Jones, three-time Grammy-nominated singer

“Who knew that a book about such a sobering subject could be so spiritually informative and enjoyable to read? If you struggle with depression or thoughts of suicide, this was written just for you.”
—Matt Crouch, president of TBN

“Ben Courson’s pen is one of the freshest around these days. In this book he tackles one of life’s toughest subjects, and he tackles it head-on! Ben invites you to go on a journey—to climb into the soul of one who suffers with depression and climb out the other side into a brightened, hope-filled world.Flirting with Darkness is packed with powerful examples that bring God’s plan for your life into bold relief.”
—Skip Heitzig, pastor and bestselling author

“Ben Courson is an awesome example of God’s light on Earth.”
—Patricia Lovely, actress on the Oprah Winfrey Network

“Ben Courson is a courageous man who fought depression on the frontlines of the battle and came back victorious. In Flirting with Darkness, Ben unveils the divine resources, spiritual weapons, and battle-tested tactics that lead one out of the dark valleys of depression and into the light.”
—Chad Williams, Navy SEAL and author of SEAL of God

“Ben’s courage to tackle topics that most struggle with but few are willing to speak on is inspiring. Be encouraged as you build your faith through this read!”
—Beaver Fleming, professional skateboarder

“Ben's God-given ability to use Scripture to encourage people is extraordinary.”
—Beneil Dariush, world-ranked MMA fighter and UFC Champion

“It’s no secret that anxiety and depression are two of today’s biggest yet hidden epidemics. Ben’s careful but thorough approach is not only important but necessary.”
—Jordan Doww, actor, comedian, and Teen Choice Award finalist

“The millennial generation has found a voice of hope in Flirting with Darkness. I highly encourage you to read this book and to pass it on to others. It just might save a life—even yours.”
—Jack Hibbs, pastor and radio personality

Flirting with Darkness epitomizes true hope! It gives us key tools we all need.”
—Jason McCarthy, professional English soccer star

“Ben Courson is one of the most encouraging and positive people you will ever meet! He knows exactly what it takes to beat depression and come out on top.”
—Taylor Kalupa, star of ABC’s The Fix

“I’m always excited to read and listen to anything Ben is working on! He has walked a journey that has given him a genuine sensitivity and perspective for life.”
—Ryan Stevenson, Grammy-nominated singer

Flirting with Darkness isn’t merely a manual on overcoming depression; it’s a manifesto! Ben Courson’s personal vulnerability will shine a light in the deepest pits of depression and help many climb out.”
—Bianca Juarez Olthoff, bestselling author and church planter

“Ben’s ability to articulate the tools necessary to fight depression is amazing. Flirting with Darkness serves as a beacon of light for anyone struggling with the darkness of this world!”
—Cody Flom, professional scooter rider

“Ben Courson is one of the most fascinating and transformational young leaders around. Flirting with Darkness dives into depression and gives us the biblical tools we need to combat it. At a time when so many people are losing their lives to suicide, this is a book our culture desperately needs.”
—Billy Hallowell, journalist and contributor to the Washington Post,, and the Huffington Post

“Using the Bible and history, science and neurobiology, Flirting with Darkness attacks depression with a vengeance and offers heavenly hope!”
—Rich Wilkerson Sr., pastor and author

“Ben’s message of joy in the Lord and hope’s triumph in all circumstances is encouraging and contagious! He inspires us all to never give up, dream big, and know that God will always be faithful.”
—Joey Buran, Hall of Fame pro surfer and Olympic coach

“He’s done it again! Ben Courson is built to be a weapon of hope. If you’re looking for a friend to help you escape the hole of despair you may have found yourself in, read this book! Your life will be changed!”
—Austin French, NBC’s Rising Star

“I’m so thankful to Ben for writing Flirting with Darkness. He understands emptiness. Despair. Palpable darkness. Yet he also gets what it means to not throw in the towel. To fight. To persevere. And to hope Godward. If you feel like you are drowning, let this soul-rescuer throw you a life vest and offer you some good old-fashioned hope.”
—Bobby Conway, founder of the One Minute Apologist

“As you read Ben’s new book, the light of Christ will shine through whatever darkness you are facing, and hope will fill your soul.”
—Ashley Key, CBN News

“Ben Courson has the ear of a young generation, but they aren’t the only ones who need to hear this important message.”
—David Guzik, author of The David Guzik Bible Commentary

“I have never felt so safe and warm at one time.”
—Jamie Miller, star of The Voice UK

Flirting with Darkness holds a timely and timeless message for those lacking hope. If you or your loved one struggles with depression, this is a book for you!”
—Bobby Schuller, TV host of Hour of Power

Flirting with Darkness is captivating, and it will lure you in with authenticity, humor, and wisdom. Ben isn’t afraid to be brave and resilient, and he says what needs to be said.”
—Christina Eileen, TikTok star

“If you need some refreshment and hope today, picking up Flirting with Darkness will be the right choice.”
—Steven Bancarz, bestselling author

“It’s about time for Christians to speak up about depression. In Flirting with Darkness, Ben leads the way in this necessary conversation, bravely sharing his story of moving from darkness to light and offering hope that depression doesn’t have to have the final word. His story will touch you and his courage will inspire you.”
—Debra Fileta, author and licensed counselor

Flirting with Darkness not only accounts for the marvelous testimony of God’s power and promises in Ben’s life, but also foreshadows the glorious freedom that awaits you as well.”
—Kirby Minnick, YouTube and podcast star

“Ben is one of the great wordsmiths and thinkers of our generation, and in this powerful and important new book he tackles what has tragically become an epidemic in our generation. Ben is a hope dealer, but he has also battled the darkness, and so his hope comes from the gritty place that makes him a trusted guide in the struggle.”
—Matt Brown, evangelist and author

“Ben is living proof that our God takes us through valleys, up on mountaintops, and back down again, just to use what we learn during both for His glory.”
—Austin Carlile, lead singer of Attack Attack! and Of Mice and Men

“This book is a game changer! We don’t have to live with depression, and Flirting with Darkness shows you exactly how that is possible.”
—David Nurse, author and NBA shooting coach

“Both courageous and gentle.”
—Scott Gaunson, YouTube star of How Ridiculous

Flirting with Darkness is rich with both defeat and triumph. It’ll give hope to your journey.”
—Grant Skeldon, author featured in the Wall Street Journal

“Reading Flirting with Darkness feels like sitting in on a therapy session between Ben and his psychologist, or, better yet, God himself. Ben is a fresh voice for a lost and hurting world because he has been there, lost and hurt, and found hope, The Hope, and so can you.”
—Stephen Christian, lead singer of Anberlin

“We live in a world that is increasingly competitive and comparative, where people can often feel inadequate and full of despair, where some even consider taking matters into their own hands and putting an end to their suffering. Here is a book reminding us that God is sovereign and loving—in complete control—no matter our circumstances.”
—Samuel Smadja, Israeli TV host and pastor

“This book is a guide and a friend to those who have been or are in the valley-low.”
—Thane Marcus Ringler, professional golfer

“Get ready to have your mind blown! Deep calls to deep—that’s the best way I can describe Ben’s fascinating teachings in Flirting with Darkness. He’s done it again!”
—Cambria Joy, author and YouTube star

“Ben Courson’s honesty is disarming. His story is compelling. And his insights are deep. Take this journey with him. Stop flirting with darkness and join Ben in the light!”
—Daniel Fusco, pastor, author, and TV personality

“If I didn’t have someone like Ben to help me get through the lows in my life, I would not have been able to have the success I have had.”
—Brady Breeze, Rose Bowl Defensive MVP, USA TODAY All-Bowl Team

“Ben Courson offers an elegant solution to the suicidal trends facing Gen Z. Ben’s style of communication balances playfulness and pastoral care, addressing the topic of depression from a youthful, gospel-centered neurotheology that will make you laugh, think, and worship the God of hope he knows so well.”
—Brooks Gibbs, PhD, psychologist

“Ben’s book is full of history, facts, and hidden gems from the Bible. You won't want to stop reading!”
—Alex Samuel, professional soccer Player of the Year

“A way forward through the darkness.”
—Chas Smith, journalist for Surfing Magazine

Flirting with Darkness reaches into the souls of those struggling with depression. Ben reminds us that even in the darkest shadows, God is enthroned on our storms. A story the world needs to hear.”
—Brittany Dawn Brannon Kennada, Miss Arizona USA

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