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Flash Point
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Release Date: July 2004
Print Length: 360
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3489-3
Series: 2

Flash Point

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Terri Schuman risks her life to save others on a daily basis. As a Chicago paramedic, she works round-the-clock shifts that are often filled with life-and-death moments. Yet she doesn’t see herself as a heroine…just a woman dedicated to a job she loves. And after Lieutenant Gabe Andrews, a firefighter from another unit, manages to catch her attention, her dedication to him becomes just as intense.

But when a flash point of circumstances suddenly changes her life, Terri must come face-to-face with the fragile self-confidence she displays to the world. Suddenly unsure about Gabe and his feelings for her, will Terri turn to the One who sees behind the mask she wears and trust Him to heal her heart?

Meet the author

Sally John

Sally John

Sally John is the bestselling author of 18 novels, including the popular series The Other Way Home, The Beach House, and In a Heartbeat. A three-time finalist for the Christy Award and former teacher, Sally lives in Southern California with her husband Tim. Writing fiction takes a backseat only to her cherished roles of wife, mom,...

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Editorial Reviews

"Sally John does such a tremendous job creating believable settings and genuine characters. Gabe and Terri are delightful, and you find yourself rooting for them, as they attempt to make sense of their world while following their faith and facing tragedy. I laughed and cried right along with them."
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