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A Fearless Leader
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Release Date: October 2018
Page Count: 48
Size: 9 x 9
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7371-7
Case Lot Quantity: 30
Collection/Series Name: Called and Courageous Girls

A Fearless Leader

A Bible Story About Deborah

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Trust God to Help You Do What's Right

Deborah is an imaginative and perceptive young girl who makes good decisions in the heat of the moment. When she sees her village is about to be invaded by King Jabin and his general, Sisera, she bravely warns the people of danger, and everyone flees. But that doesn't stop Jabin and Sisera's vicious attacks.

As Deborah grows up, she becomes a natural leader, sharing God's will with the people and helping them solve difficult problems. Eventually, God calls her to help defeat Sisera's army so Israel can finally live in peace.

With God's help, you can be just like Deborah—called and courageous!

Meet the authors

Eric Elwell

Eric Elwell is a freelance illustrator who blends traditional and digital art techniques. When he's not hanging out in western New York with his beautiful wife and giving piggyback rides to his three children, he enjoys roasting coffee. Connect with him at www.ericelwellart.com.

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Rachel Spier Weaver

Rachel Spier Weaver is a recruiter at HOPE International and has worked as a career counselor at the University of Florida and Dickinson College. She is passionate about sharing stories of women of God who led in extraordinary ways. She lives with her husband, Shane, and their two children, Norah and Jack.

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Anna Haggard

Anna Haggard

Anna Haggard is coauthor of The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good and Mission Drift, a 2015 Christianity Today Book Award winner. A writer and editor for the Brethren in Christ U.S., Anna previously was a staff writer for HOPE International. She is delighted to write for children (her favorite people).

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Editorial Reviews

"An exciting and thought-provoking evocation of a strong, brave young woman."
Kirkus Reviews

“If you have children, especially girls, who love stories about a Bible character who had to make brave decisions and risk everything to follow God, this one will keep their attention. I like that the book focuses on God’s interaction and intervention to save His people. I loved how it shows how powerful God is and by trusting in Him, one has victory.”

“God used Deborah as a courageous leader. In this publication, A Fearless Leader, young people will all learn about the strength she had and how she was used by God.

“[This] book is beautifully illustrated using intense browns, golds, yellows, and purples. There is an exotic feel about the illustrations which coupled with the fierceness of the drawings depicting battles render an understanding of the turbulent times in which Deborah lived.

“I highly recommend this book for homes, schools, libraries, and especially church libraries.”

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11/08/18 Nicole S.


I did not expect to be so moved by a children’s book.

Originally I got this book for my young goddaughter, but I found myself moved to tears after reading it. It is written in a way that will inspire women of all ages to be courageous, whatever that means in their own lives. I am so thankful that my goddaughter gets to grow up in a world with books like this!

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"Girls and young women today receive many powerful messages about what it means to be female. From Disney princesses to teen pop stars, these 'icons of femininity' can obscure God's message of love and identity for young women. Christian communities have not always been proactive in ensuring that girls receive an identity derived from Scripture. That is why I am excited to see Rachel Weaver and Anna Haggard create a children's book series that recounts and honors the women of Scripture. In every story, we see how a woman responded in faith to God's call on her life and was used by Him for incredible purposes. As parents and churches use this book series for instruction, I see many girls responding to God in faith and being used by Him to reach the world with the gospel. We've waited for a series like this for a long time, and I'm so glad it's finally here."
Katelyn Beaty, managing editor at Christianity Today magazine and author of A Woman's Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World

"As a mother longing to impart the knowledge and strength of biblical women to my daughter, I truly wish this resource was available for us during her young formative years. Making the truth of God's Word understandable and applicable to young girls can have the power to change a generation. Thank you, Rachel and Anna, for filling the gap with this series."
Beth Koser Schwartz, women's minister at Saddleback Church

"I can't wait to give these books to my own tinies! If you've ever wondered where the women of Scripture are in the children's book section, this book is your bright and bold and gorgeous answer."
Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith

"Scripture is filled with stories of women who are role models of faith, intellect, and resolve, characteristics I see in my wife and daughter, as well as in the entrepreneurial women we serve around the world. It is exciting to see a book series that shares biblical stories of women who are leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities. Called and Courageous Girls is perfectly timed and expertly positioned to reach the littlest leaders, those whose characters are being shaped to look like Jesus. The series fills a gap in children's literature. We must share these stories, and I am thrilled to enthusiastically support Called and Courageous Girls."
Peter Greer, president and CEO of HOPE International, coauthor of Mission Drift

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