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Release Date: July 2010
Print Length: 160
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3964-5


Are You at Risk? (1 in 3 Adults Are)

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One in three Americans over 21 has diabetes or pre-diabetes. Even more dangerous, many of them don’t know they do.

But there’s hope. According to successful writer and health professional Lisa Morrone, making changes to halt the progress of a diabetic condition—even reverse some of the deterioration—is far simpler than dealing with the physical, relational, and financial consequences of untreated disease, such as nerve, liver, and cardiovascular damage. Lisa leads readers through a straightforward process of education and motivation:

  • a summary of diabetes dangers, which includes a self-quiz to assess their condition
  • a survey of the body’s sugar-processing mechanism, emphasizing the mechanism of diabetes
  • step-by-step lifestyle changes that can preserve or restore their health

Good health comes when good information is incorporated into life. This action-oriented resource gives readers help to change and hope for a healthy, productive life that will benefit themselves and others.

Meet the author

Lisa Morrone

Lisa Morrone

Lisa Morrone, PT, has helped thousands of patients and readers get free from physical and emotional pain. A speaker, physical therapist, and adjunct professor for doctoral programs in physical therapy, she has authored Sleep Well Again, Overcoming Back and Neck Pain, and Diabetes. She graduated her university PT training magna cum laude and now practices...

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A Word from the Author

“My book can easily add 7-10 years to your life if you’re one of the 80% of adults who are completely unaware that they have pre-diabetes or diabetes. With one-third of Americans falling prey to this runaway blood sugar problem, anyone could become its next victim! The best way to guard yourself against this disease, and its close cousins—heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, nerve damage, loss of vision, etc—is to first discover your risk factors and uncover your present-day ability to respond to sugar. (All it takes is one easy blood test—and it’s not the one you’re thinking of!)

“Once you know where you stand, I’ll give you easy-to-apply solutions for reining in that out-of-control blood sugar by modifying what you eat and how much you move. Diabetes: Are You at Risk? can be a real ‘game changer’ for you, adding quantity to your days and quality to your life!”
Lisa Morrone, PT, author of Diabetes: Are You at Risk?

Editorial Reviews

“The book is an easy to read, user-friendly guidebook for controlling or conquering the diabetes dilemma.”

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