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Dead Man’s Switch
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Release Date: March 2014
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1747-6
Case Lot Quantity: 35
Collection/Series Name: King & Co. Cyber Suspense
Series: 1

Dead Man’s Switch

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Sigmund Brouwer, with nearly three million books in print, will have thrill seekers of all ages on the edge of their seats with this captivating young adult novel.

When a teen boy receives a written warning from his friend to avoid his church and leave his remote island town immediately, he’s terrified—his friend died weeks ago!

He knows danger is up ahead when he realizes that his friend’s dead man’s switch computer program has been activated. Unsure who to trust, he sets out alone to unravel a dark conspiracy. Soon, the seeker soon becomes the hunted in an unknown wilderness. The only hope for escape is a trigger-happy hermit—a man with his own secrets to hide.

Fiction fans who love a great mystery and the quest for justice will talk about and think about this book long after the last chapter is read.

Meet the author

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer is the popular author of more than 40 novels and numerous non-fiction books. He is coauthor of The Last Disciple series, which was featured in Time magazine and on ABC's Good Morning America. Sigmund inspires teens to read through speaking engagements at schools across North America and through his programs. Sigmund is...

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Editorial Reviews

"This was another high intensity read."

"Tautly-written with intense, action-packed scenes, Dead Man's Switch will grab you from the beginning pages and then hurtle you to the end!"

"If your child is looking for an action packed story, on the edge drama, this book is for them."

"This was a fun book!"




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10/14/15 Amy


“This book totally got to me! I had to hurry and finish it, just so I could sleep at night! I love a good suspense, but I also like sweet dreams.  This reminded me a bit of the ‘Hunger Games’ type story-line. Although I have to admit I only watched the movie.

“Suspense filled, you will not be able to put this book up until the last page is read. Get ready to sit on the edge as the twists unfold.

“There was just one thing in this book that disappointed me some. To me, it seemed like a lost opportunity for a Christian author to have presented Jesus! But overall, I did much enjoy the plot and story. I believe this is a teen fiction, but I am not sure I would recommend it for young teens unless they have read such kinds of books in the past and can ‘handle’ it. It gets a little intense at times!”

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"Dead Man's Switch was a very intriguing book and I could hardly put the book down! Every chapter was interesting and suspenseful. This book will captivate the young adults who read it and I am looking forward to introducing the book to the older students!"
Dale Ketcheson, Early Years Literacy Support/Reading Recovery, Rivererheights School

"I could not put this book down. This thriller moves right along, from one perilous and nail-biting situation to the next. Not only that, but the book touches on major issues important to people whose future will be more and more wrapped up in technological advances—privacy, security, and power. I will recommend this for my middle- and high-school students."
Yvonne M. Lacy, M.L.S., librarian, Liberty Christian School

"This book is in particular suspenseful, a page-turner. It would make a great movie!"
Sandy Lange, Literacy Center Coordinator, Lake Pend Oreille High School

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