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Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible

Release Date: March 2010
Page Count: 272
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2708-6
Case Lot Quantity: 44

Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible

Finding Truth in an Age of Doubt

In an age of doubt, it’s rare to find Christians who can speak clearly and boldly about the reasons for their faith. Douglas Jacoby is one of those rare Christians. As an international teacher for over 25 years, he has shared the vital truths found in Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible with thousands of people in all walks of life and in dozens of cultures.

Jacoby’s book is an easy-to-read apologetics work that will

  • show readers the evidence that there is a God
  • help readers see the unique role of the Bible as the Word of God
  • encourage readers to make an informed decision about whether to follow Jesus

Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible is especially suited for nonbelievers, anyone new to the faith, and believers who want a better understanding of their faith and how to explain it to others. For readers who want solid reasons why the Christian faith is not only true but also reasonable, this book is the place to begin.

Meet the author

Douglas A. Jacoby

Douglas A. Jacoby

Douglas Jacoby is a Bible teacher and professor and the author of A Quick Overview of the Bible, Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible, Your Bible Questions Answered, and The Ultimate Bible Quiz Book. A graduate of Duke University (history), Harvard Divinity School (New Testament), and Drew University (ministry), Dr. Jacoby has taught in...

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A Word from the Author

“As far back as I can remember, I‘ve been enthralled by the idea of God and the spiritual world. I hoped it was all true, but had no idea how to sort through all my questions, doubts, fears, hopes, and miscellaneous musings. In this book I want to share with you the evidence I’ve personally found most compelling. Without reasonable answers to my questions, I doubt I would have ever become a believer.

“I do hope Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible doesn’t just stimulate your own thinking, but makes it easier to believe in God. And that this proves to be a book you can hand to a searching friend.”
Douglas A. Jacoby, author of Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible

Editorial Reviews

“This is wonderfully researched and well-written apologetics book that is extremely easy to read and understand. As a pastor of a church, I am using this book in a new believers class and it is working out great. I highly recommend it.”

“…it will strengthen Christians' faith or equip them with rational arguments they can use when talking to atheist or agnostic friends.”

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Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible is as captivating and informative as the title.  If you do believe and feel your faith is adequate, be prepared to be challenged and enlightened.  This book is a must read for any seeker of the truth, no matter who you are and whether you believe in God or not.  Both will find answers.  You will not be disappointed.”

“As a young Christian, I often read and reread Jacoby’s earlier work, True and Reasonable. What a leap forward from an already good foundation! Jacoby’s personal growth as an author and teacher is apparent in this similar, yet greatly improved work. His arguments are even more compelling and sound.  He has grown tremendously in his ability to make a very persuasive, honest, and logical argument. “In some ways, the book reads as the expert presentation of one side of a debate, which can prepare the average disciple to make a case to skeptical friends. A person with an open heart and mind will have a difficult time refuting the evidence. I highly recommend this book to skeptics, seekers, young disciples, anyone with doubts, or those looking to help their friends come to faith.”

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“Douglas hits the right level for intelligent seekers.  I appreciate the balance he strikes on many points, and I appreciate his tone of dialogue.  Douglas has the heart of an evangelist, someone who reaches out to people who don’t know Christ.”
Craig S. Keener, author of The IVP Background Commentary, professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary

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