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Chasing Perfect
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Release Date: October 2020
Page Count: 208
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8044-9
Case Lot Quantity: 52

Chasing Perfect

Peace and Purpose in the Exhausting Pursuit of Something Better

Girl, read your Bible.
You can eat all the kale, buy all the things, lift all the weights, take all the trips, trash all that doesn’t spark joy, wash your face and hustle like mad, but if you don’t rest your soul in Jesus, you’ll never find peace and purpose.
You’ve had enough of the hustle. You’ve given up trying to meet social media’s impossible standards, and you’re done living a life ruled by busyness. But where do you go from here?
For Alisha Illian, it wasn’t until she learned to abide in God’s truth that she finally found fulfillment. In Chasing Perfect, Alisha shares how God awakened her heart to prioritize what matters to Him. She’ll help you learn what it means to look beyond each day’s diversions and live in surrender to the Savior. You’ll see why it’s so important to…
  • separate yourself from the self-first attitude of self-help culture
  • savor each blessing God has given you
  • schedule—rather than squeeze in—daily time to spend with God

You don’t have to keep filling your calendar to the brim with unsatisfying distractions. Chasing Perfect will help you submit to God and experience His perfect renewal and rest.

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Chasing Perfect strikes at the core of today's hustle culture, exposing the lies we've believed about our value, our work, and our purpose. In a necessary reorientation of heart and priority, Alisha directs us back to the only source of fulfillment—the Maker of our souls. This book shows the way to peace is found not by neglecting our full plates but by surrendering them to Christ.”
—Phylicia Masonheimer, author, speaker, teacher, Driven Women

“Today's world never stops—but for what? That's the challenge Alisha gives us in Chasing Perfect. What are you really chasing? Because we'll never find what we're looking for outside of Jesus. Culture remains steady to offer counterfeit pursuits, complete with false promises, but the truth remains: Only Jesus satisfies. If you're ready to have a cut-the-fluff convo about full-fledged surrender, this book is the real talk your soul craves.”
—Michelle Myers, founder of she works HIS way

“In a day when being busy and overwhelmed is the mark of a successful life, Chasing Perfect offers an important perspective shift: If we are looking to our achievements and performance to validate our worth, we will never be satisfied. This book will help you discover how to reprioritize your life to find lasting fulfilment in the pursuit of God, not perfection.”
Lisa Bevere, New York Times bestselling author

“One of the things I love most about Alisha is her consistent, steadfast message of truth in the face of all the world is trying to feed us as Christian women today. She is on a mission to disassemble the lie that anything other than Jesus will satisfy our deepest longings and give us the peace we are so desperate for. This book was written for this time in the history of our nation and world. I couldn’t be more excited about the message.”
Cherice Stoltzfus, founder and president of Nameless Collaborative

“Resting in Christ amid the hustle culture—this Alisha Illian knows deep in her bones. Chasing Perfect is littered with authentic experience, biblical truth, and gospel application. Personal stories combined with Scripture narratives distill hope for the reader with both real depth and practical application. Alisha calls us to ferociously and faithfully pursue the person of Christ while humbly resting in his perfection rather than our own. May this book continue to be a balm of grace, curating a gospel hope in the midst of all of our daunting imperfections and overwhelming circumstances. While reading Chasing Perfect, you’ll probably laugh, shed a tear or two, and, most importantly, be all the more compelled to chase perfect in knowing, loving, and beholding King Jesus.”
Lacey Stevenson, writer and Bible teacher, former minister at The Village Church, Dallas

“As women, we know all too well the struggle of feeling that we have to be perfect. I know I do. In Chasing Perfect, Alisha speaks right to our hearts through relatable stories, reminding us that perfection is not the goal for our lives…a relationship with Christ is. If you find yourself struggling with the pressure of being perfect, pick up this book and be encouraged—you are not alone.”
—Angela Perritt, founder and director of Love God Greatly 

“In a world filled with airbrushed illusions of flawless living and endless images of women somehow doing it all, Alisha uses Chasing Perfect to invite us to escape the quicksand of perfectionism. She shows us that the ‘more’ we desire isn't found in doing more, going after more or even being more efficient, but instead in becoming relentlessly surrendered. A must read for every woman who is sick of striving and ready for a roadmap to trading perfectionism for presence and doing for divine purpose.”
—Marshawn Evans Daniels, Godfidence Coach®, TV personality, reinvention strategist for women, founder of

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