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One-Minute Bible Inspirations for Women

Elizabeth George

With One-Minute Bible Inspirations for Women®, bestselling author Elizabeth George encourages you to make regular time to spend with God. These quick, straightforward doses of Bible-based wisdom and guidance are a simple way to build time reading the Scriptures into your schedule.

The Ultimate Infographic Guide to the Bible

Joseph M. Holden

Packed with fascinating charts, graphics, and timelines, The Ultimate Infographic Guide to the Bible is here to provide invaluable historical, cultural, and contextual insights to help you better understand God’s Word.

150 Essential Insights on Faith
150 Essential Insights on Faith

Billy Graham

These collected quotes of legendary evangelist Billy Graham will enrich your daily walk with Christ. Gain valuable insight from one of the true heroes of the faith or give as a thoughtful gift to someone in need of inspiration.

Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken

Cindy Beall

Cindy Beall’s life changed forever when her husband of nine years confessed to pornography addiction and numerous affairs. Using her remarkable story alongside practical biblical insights, Cindy helps husbands and wives grieve and heal as they trust God’s power to resurrect beauty from the debris of betrayal.

Never Less Than

Sharon Jaynes

In Never Less Than, bestselling author and speaker Sharon Jaynes reveals what God really thinks about women—His grand finale of creation. You’ll see that in Jesus’ time on earth, He broke the cultural rules of His day to empower and equip women for all time…including you today.

The Growing Season

With The Growing Season, you can to witness how farming and faith intertwine. Illustrated through the Bible’s transformative truths and Sarah’s own stories from life on a Tennessee cattle farm, this collection of hilarious, moving, and inspiring insights will help keep you rooted in God’s desire for your life.

The Most Asked Prophecy Questions

John Ankerberg

The Most Asked Prophecy Questions will enrich your knowledge of one of the most important subjects in the Bible and empower you to confidently live out each day in light of the reality to come.

GraceLaced 2022 12-Month Planner

Ruth Simons

This charming and functional weekly planner offers space for you to take inventory of your days and values. With monthly gratitude checklists and intricate lettered quotes in Ruth’s signature style, each day provides an opportunity to build a firm foundation on God’s Word and work in your life.

Dream Come True

Jenny Randle

This book will help you overcome the obstacles and cooperate with God to fulfill your dreams. Dream Come True shows you how to ditch the doubts, eliminate the excuses, and prevent the procrastination keeping you from achieving your greatest goals.

Made by God

Tony Evans

This timely picture book from Dr. Tony Evans teaches children the values of equality, diversity, and unity from a biblical perspective and provides parents with a starting point for meaningful family discussions about important cultural issues.

Our God

Danielle Hitchen

Our God introduces children to the some of the many ways the Lord is described in the Bible—as our rock, the bread of life, the bright morning star, and more, as they also learn basic shapes in this creative and colorful book.    


Permanent Markers

Janel Breitenstein

Permanent Markers shows you how to kickstart habits in your kids for a robust relationship with God. This fun, practical handbook will walk you through the most vital, eternal part of parenting, empowering your family toward vibrant spirituality.

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