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Cat Confessions
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Release Date: June 2010
Page Count: 64
Size: 4 1/2 x 4 1/2
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2711-6
Case Lot Quantity: 64

Cat Confessions

A “Kitty Come Clean” Tell-All Book

Felines have many secrets they want to reveal, if only someone would ask them. Well, Allia Zobel Nolan has, and this clever kitty tell-all is filled with their hilarious confessions paired with photographs of cats caught in acts of mischief.

Written as though the cats are speaking, each admission presents a comical revelation. As the cats come clean, they admit to everything from playing tricks on the family dog to secretly hating milk. The result is a fun, great gift for cat lovers…and dog lovers who want the inside scoop on life among the litter crowd.

With over 100,000 copies sold, Cat Confessions has clawed its way into the hearts of feline fans and will do the same to yours.

Meet the author

Allia Zobel Nolan

Allia Zobel Nolan

Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally published, award-winning author of more than 170 children’s and adult trade titles with close to three million books in print. Her books reflect her passions, God, cats, and writing for children, and include such titles as Cat Confessions and The Ten Commandments for Little Ones. She lives in...

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A Word from the Author

“I really have to say, this isn't my book. It's ‘their’ book; the brave puddies who came clean and confessed all manner of things we humans could only guess at. Bravo, kitties. You know where I live if you ever need to unburden yourselves again.”
Allia Zobel Nolan, author of Cat Confessions

Editorial Reviews

“A fun little book filled with great photos and cat ‘confessions.’”
—Santa Ynez Valley News

“If people have wondered one time or another what their cats were thinking, Zobel Nolan's latest book, Cat Confessions will surely fill that need to know.”

“…guaranteed to inspire laughter.”

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Cat Confessions is filled with charming and delightful kitty sentiments—creative hidden secrets from the perspective of our feline friends attached to photos of some of the cutest furry ‘beasts’ I've ever seen. The book is a perfect gift or an add-on gift for any cat lover. My favorite: the cat admitting a preference for a grande double-mocha cappuccino with two shots of espresso instead of milk.”
—Felice Prager, author of Quiz It

“This little gem kept me laughing out loud while mentioning to my cats that they had been caught. There is not a cat lover alive who will not have the same reaction. I won’t give anything away, but I will tell you that when you thought you could blame something on your cat, you were right. The photographs that are with the confessions are just perfect, showing the unique look that only cats portray.

“This is a book to pick up. You will read it over and over again. It is a book to enjoy, to share and to read to your cats. Maybe it will get them to confess.”
—Carolyn M. Vella, breedingpedigreedcats.com

“Admittedly, Allia is one of my favorite authors and she certainly knows cats. But who knew that she'd let the cat out of the bag with Cat Confessions?! Everything you suspected about what your cat is really thinking has now been revealed. A show-and-tell complete with great photos, this book is sure to delight every cat owner and hiss off some cats who, well, just didn't want their innermost thoughts revealed.”
—Darlene Arden, Author, Speaker, Learning Facilitator and Certified Animal Behavior Consultant

“Let me say that Cat Confessions is cat lovers’ long awaited answer to William Wegman's Weimaraners takes. Cheers!”
Ede Dunn Baldridge

“As the author of an award-winning book myself, I'm a cat who knows when other cats are telling the truth! That's why I recommend Cat Confessions if you really want to know what your feline friends are thinking. For example, on page 44, Willy, from Richmond, Virginia, explains, ‘I only chewed through those wires so Mom would spend less time at the computer and more time petting me.’ What a purrfectly logical explanation!”
—Simon Teakettle III, co-author of the award-winning MEWSings/Musings

Cat Confessions is a fun and light-hearted read that will not disappoint you.”
—Linda A. Mohr, Author of award-winning Tatianna-Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend

“This is a book to pick up. You will read it over and over again. It is a book to enjoy, to share and to read to your cats. Maybe it will get them to confess.”
Carolyn M. Vella, BreedingPedigreedCats.com

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