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Blaggard’s Moon
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Release Date: September 2015
Print Length: 350
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6738-9

Blaggard’s Moon

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From the author of the highly praised Trophy Chase Trilogy comes this exciting swashbuckling tale of a pirate sentenced to die for the crime of mutiny.

As he awaits his fate, this pirate (none other than the delightful Smith Delaney from the Trophy Chase Trilogy) ponders his life and the events that have brought him to this fate.

In the process of remembering, and in grappling with mercy and justice as they have been played out in his life, a tale is spun, a tale of true hearts wronged, noble love gone awry, dark deeds done for the sake of gold, and sacrifices made for love. In the end, our pirate will come face-to-face with himself, with his own death, and with a God who promises grace where none is deserved.

Readers of Christian fantasy will once again be swept away by Bryan Polivka’s compelling storytelling abilities. As Publisher’s Weekly said of the author’s first book, “readers will be flipping pages eagerly.”

Meet the author

George Bryan Polivka

George Bryan Polivka

George Bryan Polivka has been an award–winning writer for many years, crafting professional articles, newscasts, screenplays, and television scripts, including the Emmy–winning documentary A Hard Road to Glory. He is the author of the Trophy Chase Trilogy: The Legend of the Firefish, The Hand That Bears the Sword, and The Battle for Vast...

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Editorial Reviews

“I am impressed with Polivka’s depth of storytelling. He really captured me…and I had a hard time putting the book down. Polivka writes with such imagery and detail that I do think both Christian and non-Christian will enjoy this book.”

“Polivka’s story not only transports readers to times, places and events that would not otherwise be experienced at all, his prose carries an intrinsic sense of mystery and adventure that is only heightened by the actual events transcribed for the readers eyes in this narrative.”

“In my first foray to the world of Nearing Vast and the Warm Climes, I was transported to foreign yet entrancing locales and treated to a taste of flowing prose I will not soon forget. Needless to say I am now quite anxious to sink my teeth into the Trophy Chase Trilogy for more adventures in this new world I have just discovered while meeting more new friends and the pirates that plague the seas of the land. Polivka stages many a battle that is choreographed on the page in the exquisite detail of an intricate dance.”
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“Both his narration and dialogue are lively—vivid, captivating and just plain fun. Indeed, Polivka’s work clearly places him amongst the top writers in Christian fantasy today.”

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