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Beyond These Hills
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Release Date: September 2013
Print Length: 320
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4889-0
Series: 3

Beyond These Hills

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It’s 1935, and Laurel Jackson fears the life she’s always known is about to become a memory. The government is purchasing property to establish the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and nearly all the families in Cades Cove have decided to sell. Laurel is determined to save the land her family has lived on for a hundred years.

Andrew Brady, the son of a wealthy Virginia congressman, arrives in the Cove to convince the remaining landowners to sell. Sparks fly when he meets Laurel, the outspoken young woman who is determined to thwart his every effort. Will they ever be able to put aside their differences and accept what their hearts already know?

In the third and final book in the Smoky Mountain Dreams series, acclaimed author Sandra Robbins brings a dramatic conclusion to the story of the families of Cades Cove.

Meet the author

Sandra Robbins

Sandra Robbins

Sandra Robbins and her husband live in the small college town in Tennessee where she grew up. They count their four children and five grandchildren as the greatest blessings in their lives. Her published books include stories in historical romance and romantic suspense. When not writing or spending time with her family, Sandra enjoys reading,...

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A Word from the Author

“In writing the concluding story in the Smoky Mountain Dreams trilogy, I have tried to show how the Martin and Jackson families cope with inevitable change and great adversity. I hope their faith in God and love for family will be a reminder to readers how God is always there for those who call on His name.”
Sandra Robbins, author of Beyond These Hills

Editorial Reviews

“Loving attention to detail and exquisite characterization create an engrossing story. Timeless values of faith, love, and family are delicately woven through a tightly paced, well-rounded plot that harkens back to beloved tales of a bygone era.”

“…a good book and it did a great job wrapping up the series.”

"I really appreciated how Robbins pulls you into the story by giving us characters we can really admire and look up to, and I look forward to more excellent work from this author."

"I loved the importance of faith and prayer and that the gospel message is presented so clearly."

“Sandra Robbins has written a great book…”

“The characters feel real, like people I would enjoy knowing.”

Beyond These Hills is a sweet story…”

"There is so much going on that is so very interesting and the characters are so much fun..."

"This was one of those books that you pick up and then cannot put down until you have read the last page.


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“The conflicts that arise in Beyond These Hills are realistic and so are the resolutions. The book had a good plot that moves quickly and believable characters that one can identify with. I enjoyed the setting as I love the beautiful, majestic Smoky Mountains. The historical facts were woven into the story seamlessly and made for a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book.”
Michelle Leverette

“I love historical fiction and learned a lot of history while reading this book. I visited Cades Cove 10 years ago with my family so I was able to visual myself in the story with Sandra’s descriptions. It made me want to go back again. I also appreciated the Christian message that Sandra has throughout the book—she doesn't skim over the Good News! I would have to say that Beyond These Hills is a great read!”
—Kim Osborne

“In Beyond These Hills, engaging characters live their faith in conflict with government agents and find courage and strength to overcome extreme sorrow and natural calamities. The reader can’t help but look at their own faith and family, yearning for a stronger commitment to both. I highly recommend this book as a reminder of the importance of a strong faith in God and love of family in a world of rapid change and turmoil.”
Judy Richards

“Wow, what an awesome book—it was so exciting and full of surprises. There was also a lot to learn from the story such as learning to trust God and friends, not to judge others, and loving one another the way Jesus loved the church. Sandra has written a wonderful book that will keep you interested until the last page is read.”
Marilyn Vandivier

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