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Bamboo and Lace
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Release Date: July 2009
Page Count: 444
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2738-3
Case Lot Quantity: 24

Bamboo and Lace

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Can their love survive two very different cultures?

Lily Walsh has never imagined anything like America. From supermarkets and swimsuits to the way women look men directly in the eye, she’s baffled by this strange new land. Raised in a remote Asian village by her disciplinarian father, 24-year-old Lily is thrilled to visit her brother Jeff in Hawaii—until Jeff is called away on urgent business.

Left in the care of Jeff’s best friend, Gabe Kapaia, and his family, Lily discovers the paradise of Oahu’s north side at the Kapaia Resort. But she walks a fine line between two worlds. Can she embrace her new experiences without breaking her promise not to shame her missionary father? When Lily finds herself falling for Gabe, her heart is torn. Will her upbringing force her to make the difficult choice between true love and family honor?

Meet the author

Lori Wick

Lori Wick is a multifaceted author of Christian fiction. As comfortable writing period stories as she is penning contemporary works, Lori’ s books (more than 6 million in print) vary widely in location and time period. Lori’ s faithful fans consistently put her series and standalone works on the bestseller lists. Lori and her husband,...

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A Word from the Author

"Why do we love a heroine who finds herself stranded?  Maybe it's because we like to watch her as she's rescued.  One of the things I most love about Lily Walsh, the main character in Bamboo and Lace, is that she understands that the greatest rescue of all comes from Christ.   I also admire the way she holds her tongue and puts others first.  Something I'm working on!!  I hope that Lily will tug at your heart the way she does mine, and that you will be blessed as you read her story."
—Lori Wick, Author of Bamboo and Lace

Editorial Reviews

"Tell readers to pack their sunglasses as Lori Wick takes them to a tropical paradise!  Raised by her strict disciplinarian father, Lily Walsh has known nothing but a solemn life in a small, mountainous village.  Isolated from the world and without good friends, Lily devours the letters she receives from her brother Jeff in Hawaii.  When her father reluctantly gives Lily consent to spend three months with Jeff, she is thrilled beyond belief."
Inspirational Resources

"Bamboo & Lace by Lori Wick is a slow moving, cozy story. Without being immodest or overly intimate, the characters seem to invite the reader to walk with them through their daily joys and struggles. Wick, a versatile writer of both historical and contemporary fiction, has proven her popularity among Christian readers time and again. Her style of writing, though not fast-paced, is sprinkled with jewels of wisdom for the enduring reader. There is a timeless quality to her shared moral insights."
Christian Library Journal

“Lori Wick did a wonderful job integrating two unique cultures into one in this book…This book is a great read for anyone looking to be transported into another world. Excellent book!”

“Lori Wick’s talent shined in this story of grace and triumph. This book demonstrates that Wick is much more than an author; she is a story-teller. The depth of the plot and the development of the characters is unprecedented. This is a book to become lost in. Enjoy!”
Stephanie Rollins for


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