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As It Was in the Days of Noah
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Release Date: April 2014
Page Count: 176
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6138-7
Case Lot Quantity: 72

As It Was in the Days of Noah

Warnings from Bible Prophecy About the Coming Global Storm

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The story of Noah is one of the most captivating in all the Bible. Yet most people remember it mainly as a children’s story found in picture books and heard in Sunday school classes.

But this tragedy really took place—and widely overlooked is Jesus’ stunning prophecy that the final days of planet Earth would be just as it was in the days of Noah. His point? That there would be striking parallels between Noah’s day and the end times—with warnings of God’s imminent judgment upon the world.

Is Jesus’ prophecy now being fulfilled? And if yes, how then should we respond?

As It Was in the Days of Noah explores the similarities between the two periods, such as the rapid rise in evil and increasingly flagrant disregard for God. A powerful resource that…

  • examines the signs that we’re nearing the end times
  • affirms the urgency of reaching the lost with God’s compassion and truth
  • equips you to live wisely and “redeem the time” so it counts for eternity

Meet the author

Jeff Kinley

Jeff Kinley

Jeff Kinley (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) has authored over 30 books and speaks across the country. His ministry equips churches to discern the times. Jeff’s weekly Vintage Truth podcasts are heard in 38 countries. He and his wife live in the Ozarks and have three grown sons. His website is jeffkinley.com.

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Editorial Reviews

"Wow, what an informative and thought provoking book!"


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07/27/15 Kari


I found this book to be very thought provoking and I loved Jeff Kinley’s writing style. This book had a wealth of Biblical and historical references and I really appreciated all of the notes in the back of the book. Overall great read and I look forward to more books by Jeff Kinley!

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