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An Amish Family Reunion
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Release Date: February 2012
Page Count: 352
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4487-8
Case Lot Quantity: 44
Collection/Series Name: The Miller Family Series
Series: 4

An Amish Family Reunion

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During a rumschpringe visit to Niagara Falls, Phoebe Miller meets Eli Riehl, a young man who charms her—and everyone else—with his exceptional storytelling ability. When Phoebe sketches scenes to illustrate one of his tales, Eli encourages her incredible talent, and together they embark on a lofty and unlikely business venture for two young Amish people—writing and illustrating a children’s book.

Eli’s kindness and appeal extend beyond his knack for words to reach inside Phoebe’s heart. But he is an only son with five sisters, and when his father suffers a heart attack, Eli gives up his writing to assume responsibility on the farm. Though willing to abandon his dream of becoming an author, he won’t give up his beloved Phoebe.

Can their love for a good story develop into something that lasts forever, or will Phoebe’s deep-seated fear of desertion stand in their way?

Meet the author

Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis is the bestselling author of many books, including A Widow's Hope, An Amish Family Reunion, and Living in Harmony. She and her husband live in central Ohio, where they try to live a simpler style of life.

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A Word from the Author

“Writing An Amish Family Reunion has been like visiting old friends after time spent apart. I reconnected with all my favorite characters from The Miller Family Series, and added a couple new ones I know you'll like. Best of all, I was able to include my favorite vacation destination, Niagara Falls, in my story. Hope you enjoy the adventure!”
Mary Ellis, author of An Amish Family Reunion

Editorial Reviews

“A sweet contemporary romance with amazing characters who are beginning to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. The Amish are interesting to read about, as they live their lives according to the Bible, simpler and free of distractions. The details of Amish living reflect Ellis' meticulous research.”
RT Book Reviews

“Ellis revisits her Miller Family Series (A Widow's Hope; Never Far from Home; The Way to a Man's Heart) with this character-driven, quaint romance. Amish fiction fans can never get too much of the Plain People, and they will be pleased with Ellis's latest.”
Library Journal

“There’s more than you can possibly imagine going on in the Miller family so prepare to dive in! And don’t miss the delicious sounding recipes in the back; I can’t wait to try out the Fresh Lemon Sheet Cake one!”
Five Star Book Reviews

“Readers will appreciate Mary Ellis’ tale as the Amish lifestyle makes for an engaging contemporary.”
The Midwest Book Review

“…this was a great book and I don’t know how I missed hearing about this author before now; she is wonderful! I really hope to go back and read the series that leads into this book. Definitely a book to add to your wish list!”

“This is a great book written with such honest characters. You feel as though you know them! I was rooting for each and every character to get their happy ending. I especially enjoyed Phoebe and Eli’s story. Absolutely wonderful!”

“As an accomplished author, Mary Ellis knows the ins and outs of writing a really good book. An Amish Family Reunion exemplifies this well.”

“I'm really glad I got the opportunity to read this book. It was a really fun read…”

“This is a great read even if you have not read any of the other books, but don't miss this one!”

“Ms. Ellis has again written an engaging story of life amongst the Amish and their gentle yet hard-working lives.”

“I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone. Mary does a great job of telling the story of the Miller Family.”

“…a good, enjoyable novel that in the end celebrates the importance of family and remaining close, no matter the distance.”

“If you like Amish fiction, then you will want to read An Amish Family Reunion by Mary Ellis. It is rich in description, leaving you see both the Ohio countryside and Niagara Falls in New York. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Eli and Phoebe’s story and catching up with the other characters.”

“This was a delightful story. I enjoyed it very much.”


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“Mary Ellis has really outdone herself on this book. It was absolutely fantastic; you will be into this book from the very first page. It was so much fun just getting caught up with the Miller Family. Even if you have not read the series you will be able to follow this book. You will fall in love with Phoebe and Eli. This is a must-read; I am sure you will enjoy it from the first to last page, and then you will not want it to end.”
Lois Klobucher

“Mary Ellis is a gifted storyteller and her writing just gets better and better. I love the characters in this book. What I love best about them is how real they are. The humor in this story is spectacular. I found myself laughing with nearly every page turn. The author’s dry, witty sense of humor shines brilliantly through her characters. But, An Amish Family Reunion is not just about characters. The plot is also fascinating.”
—Rosanna Huffman

“Mary Ellis portrays An Amish Family Reunion with skill, humor, and affection.”
—Vannetta Chapman, author of A Simple Amish Christmas

“I love the series and keeping up with familiar characters. And now Phoebe travels a rocky road with hopes of being an illustrator in a partnership with Eli, or something more. This is a great book.”
—Terri Wangard

“...I enjoyed An Amish Family Reunion.”
—Mary Hake

“I have really enjoyed An Amish Family Reunion by Mary Ellis. Those who have read the previous books will really enjoy this one. It is a must read book.”
—Pat Jacobs

“Mary Ellis is well equipped to write Amish novels with memorable characters and this one is no exception.”
—Jo Huddleston

“Job well done; I really enjoyed how you [Mary] brought the whole family together with their futures and past. Keep up the good work.”
—April Barnett

“I just finished An Amish Family Reunion and I loved it. I realized that this is the last installment of the Miller family stories so I read it very slowly, like watching the last season of my favorite TV series, because I know that when it's over, it's over. If you haven't read the Miller series, you can still enjoy this one. You will want to take your time as well because you just have to savor every last moment with this awesomely blessed and caring family.”
Donna Taylor

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