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60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar
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Release Date: January 2021
Page Count: 192
Size: 4 1/4 x 7
Binding: Mass
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8414-0
Case Lot Quantity: 60

60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Simple Steps to Reduce the Carbs, Shed the Weight, and Feel Great Now!

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It’s projected that in 50 years, one American in three will be diabetic. Many today are well on their way to becoming a sad statistic in the war on obesity, high blood sugar, and the related diseases—including diabetes—that can result from a diet that’s seriously out of whack.

In his previous bestselling book, Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar, Dennis Pollock shared his personal experience with this deadly epidemic—including his success at lowering his runaway blood sugar to acceptable levels.

Now Dennis offers readers the next step in the battle: 60 practical ways to manage their blood sugar without resorting to a bland unsatisfying diet of turnips and tuna fish.

In this step by step, change by change plan, readers will learn how to:

  • reduce their intake of carbs
  • exercise more effectively
  • shed excess weight

A must-have book for readers serious about regaining their health while also lowering their weight and increasing their energy.

Meet the author

Dennis Pollock

Dennis Pollock

After creating a successful program to normalize his blood sugar, Dennis Pollock became an advocate for better, more abundant health. Dennis is also an evangelist, an author, and the former cohost of the Christ in Prophecy broadcast. As the founder of Spirit of Grace Ministries, he regularly leads conferences on Bible prophecy and spiritual renewal,...

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A Word from the Author

“My mother lost both her legs to diabetes. When my blood sugar started fluctuating wildly it looked as though I was headed the same direction. By God's grace I discovered some fundamental keys to keep my blood sugar at normal levels. It required a lifestyle change, to be sure, but it wasn't nearly as painful as you might suppose. In this book I share the lifestyle secrets that have made all the difference to me!”
Dennis Pollock, author of 60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Editorial Reviews

"This book is a great resource and I was able to read it at a time that I desperately needed the information it offered."

"...I found it a great tool especially for someone newly diagnosed as a diabetic."

"I learned quite a bit from this book, took some of the ideas to apply to my own lifestyle and actually enjoyed some of the included recipes. Definitely something to consider if trying to maintain and monitor blood sugar levels."

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