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60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure
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Release Date: January 2016
Page Count: 208
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6327-5
Case Lot Quantity: 60

60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

What You Need to Know to Save Your Life

You may have high blood pressure and not even know it. Yet high blood pressure greatly increases your risk for a devastating heart attack or stroke. What can you do to discover whether you’re at risk, disarm this silent killer, and increase your chances of enjoying the years you’ve been given?

In 60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure, physician and bestselling author Robert Lesslie provides easy-to-understand, expert advice, including

  • what your blood pressure numbers mean and what you can do to improve them
  • the truth about the benefits of exercise, sleep, and stress reduction
  • how to know if you need medication and if so, which kind

Dr. Lesslie’s proven ways to lower your blood pressure show you the steps to take on your way to long-term health and a more vibrant life.

Meet the author

Robert D. Lesslie

Robert D. Lesslie

Bestselling author Dr. Robert Lesslie is a physician with more than 30 years of experience in fast-paced, intense ER environments. He is now the co-owner and medical director of two urgent-care facilities. He has written many books (including  Angels in the ER—over 200,000 copies sold) as well as newspaper and magazine columns and human-interest...

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Editorial Reviews

"An accessible, reader-friendly guide, 60 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure is an invaluable resource for combating one of the most common health problems in America. Although 60 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure cannot substitute for the diagnosis, guidance, or treatment of a trained physician, its practical recommendations just might save or improve the quality of one's life. Highly recommended."
The Midwest Book Review

"Having experience with high blood pressure in my own family, this book was a no-brainer of a read for me. Packed with lots of good information, attainable steps, necessary actions and healthy lifestyle tidbits, 60 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure is a step towards assurance of living longer and better. Either reading the book straight through or in smaller sections, it serves as a wonderful reference guide to HBP. Keeping it on my bookshelf but also sharing it with my affected family members, this is one book I definitely recommend."


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