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52 Weeks with Jesus
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Release Date: December 2014
Page Count: 256
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6502-6
Case Lot Quantity: 48

52 Weeks with Jesus

Fall in Love with the One Who Changed Everything

Jesus Christ is the most influential human to ever walk the earth. We’ve heard and seen so many depictions of Him that we think we know Him better than we actually do. If we took the time to really look at Him, we might be surprised at what we’d find.

In 52 Weeks with Jesus, author and pastor James Merritt leads you on a transformational journey as he shares what he’s learned over a lifetime of studying Jesus’ life and ministry. As you join Dr. Merritt on this journey, you will come to know and encounter Jesus in new and surprising ways and be inspired anew to embrace His invitation, “Come, follow Me.”

Filled with practical applications and surprising truths, this book will help you more ably answer that ancient question that’s as timely today as when it was first posed: “Who do you say that I am?”

Meet the author

James Merritt

James Merritt

James Merritt (PhD) is a pastor, author, past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and host of the Touching Lives television program, seen nationwide and in 122 countries. As a national voice on faith and leadership, Merritt has been interviewed by Time, Fox News, MSNBC, and 60 Minutes. He resides with his family outside Atlanta, Georgia.

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Editorial Reviews

"I thought [Merritt's] examples and stories tied things in very well, and it made each chapter interesting to read."

"This book is great and one I would gift to a friend or family member."

"...has broad appeal."

"...more than just an ordinary devotional, it is a teaching tool and a more thorough Bible study."

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01/17/19 Dave W.

I’ve read the Bible daily in morning devotions for the past 10 years. Having done the complete Bible or just the New Testament in a year multiple times, I’m taking this year to study this book by James Merritt, which is a deep, insightful, engaging, and challenging look at not just what the Scriptures say, but what they really mean and what I should be doing with my daily life to both know the Lord more fully, as well as to become what He is calling me to. I’m grateful for the insights and skills God has given James Merritt for me to see Jesus in new and expanding ways and for what I’m gaining each week. I’ll look forward to what I can become following the insights in 52 Weeks with Jesus.

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"James Merritt's challenge to spend 52 weeks with Jesus is one of both great discipline and great delight. Your passion for Jesus will grow and your life will be transformed through the time you spend in his Word with 52 Weeks with Jesus."
Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, author of I Am a Church Member and Autopsy of a Deceased Church

"In 52 Weeks with Jesus, James Merritt gifts us with a rich, accessible guide to knowing Jesus more intimately that promises to change the way you see yourself, God, and others. This book will help you drink deeply of the living water, munch on the bread of life, and draw closer to the good shepherd than you ever have before. Read with caution—you'll walk away changed."
Margaret Feinberg, author of Wonderstruck and Fight Back with Joy

"James Merritt is clear, on point, and writes with authority, wisdom, and compassion. In this book, he confronts the reader page after page with Jesus. Spending time in this book will surprise you, enlighten you, and just might change your life."
Russell D. Moore, president, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention

"Jesus may be the most misunderstood person in history, and part of the reason is that most people have never taken time to actually study his life and teachings, 'Christians' not excluded. It's easy to forget that Jesus was not simply an idea or a topic to debate. Rather, he was a man who turned the world upside down by who he was, the things he said, and what he did. James Merritt's 52 Weeks with Jesus is an accessible, digestible exploration of Christ's sermons, stories, and miracles. It shatters myths, shakes assumptions, and is littered with surprising insights you've probably never considered. Thank you, Dr. Merritt, for painting a picture of Jesus that is true and textured and as graceful as the first-century Rabbi himself!"
Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and author of One Way Love

"52 Weeks with Jesus presents dozens of metaphors for Jesus and backs each one up with biblical references, commentaries, meditations, and prayers. I plan to gift it to others often."
Leonard Sweet, Drew University, George Fox University,

"Scripture tells us that blessed is the man who delights in the Word of the Lord and meditates on it day and night. In 52 Weeks with Jesus, James Merritt provides a believer with a year's worth of meditations on the Word made flesh. His observations on the life, ministry, and Lordship of Jesus are winsome, wise, and well written. Anyone who commits to spending 52 weeks meditating on our Lord will be blessed beyond measure for the effort."
Ed Stetzer, LifeWay Research

"People often approach the biblical narratives of Jesus like a coroner dissecting a corpse, and then wonder why their relationship with Christ is so lifeless. In 52 Weeks With Jesus, Dr. James Merritt leads readers on a year-long journey to meet, experience, and fall in love with the most important person in history."
Andy Stanley, senior pastor, North Point Ministries

"To know Jesus is to fall madly in love with Jesus. To understand who he is and what he did (and continues to do!) is to be awed and amazed. It will drive you to worship and then service in gratitude for such a great King. James Merritt helps us spend a year in devotional study of the Son of God. I read the book in a single sitting and was once again overwhelmed at the greatness and goodness of my Savior. So, spend a year and soak in this study. I am convinced you will never be the same."
Daniel L. Akin, president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"This powerful new book offers a fresh look at Jesus, cutting through centuries of misunderstanding with utter simplicity. James Merritt deeply loves Jesus Christ, and in this book you learn why you should love and follow Jesus, too."
Albert Mohler, president, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Two thousand years ago, an unknown carpenter invited a few extraordinarily ordinary people to be with him. That invitation is still on the table, and has changed the world like none other. Now James Merritt has made it concrete and accessible to ordinary people in our day. I can't think of a better way to spend 52 weeks than to learn from this book how to spend them with Jesus."
John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

"One of the great ironies of our day is that many people find Jesus boring or—at best—sentimental. No one in the Bible ever found Jesus boring. People either loved him or hated him; flocked to him in admiration or plotted his death. In this helpfully laid out study, James Merritt helps you see the real Jesus—and you'll likely have one of those two reactions. You might be surprised. You might be enraged. But you'll at least know you've encountered the real thing."
J.D. Greear, pastor, The Summit Church

"God's Word transforms us. It transforms me. It transforms you. My co-laborer for the gospel, James Merritt, invites us to invest time daily in God's Word and get to know Jesus. This resource is systematic, compelling, and filled with vivid illustrations. Through it you will find the Scriptures revealing Christ in a fresh way as you spend time with him each day."
James MacDonald, senior pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, author of Vertical Church and Come Home

"What is more important than spending time with Jesus? In our frantic, fast-paced society Dr. James Merritt's simple book will challenge you to spend a few minutes with Jesus each week. Pick up a copy of this book and start spending a few minutes with King Jesus today."
Jeff Struecker, lead pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Columbus, GA

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