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52 Weeks Through the Bible
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Release Date: October 2016
Page Count: 288
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6558-3
Case Lot Quantity: 44

52 Weeks Through the Bible

Fall in Love with the Book That Changed Everything

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Read and Be Changed

For thousands of years, God’s word has penetrated human hearts and transformed lives. So why does the Bible often collect dust on our shelves? Why don’t we mine the wisdom filling its pages?

Pastor James Merritt, author of the bestselling 52 Weeks with Jesus, invites you to view Scripture afresh and fall in love with the book that changes everything. These simple weekly readings will help you…

  • gain a big-picture view of God’s message to you
  • apply practical life lessons from the Bible’s stories and teachings
  • discover more about your destiny—on earth and in eternity

As you explore the lives of Israel’s wisest kings, God’s powerful prophets, and your amazing Savior, you’ll see how every subject and story in Scripture paints a picture of God’s plan for humanity—including the story God wants to write with you.

Meet the author

James Merritt

James Merritt

James Merritt (PhD) is a pastor, author, past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and host of the Touching Lives television program, seen nationwide and in 122 countries. As a national voice on faith and leadership, Merritt has been interviewed by Time, Fox News, MSNBC, and 60 Minutes. He resides with his family outside Atlanta, Georgia.

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A Word from the Author

"There is no book like the Bible. Not in content. Not in influence. Not in relevance. Not in power. Not in popularity. Not in power. Not in publication. The only explanation for its duration and its elevation is its inspiration! It is not just an ordinary word—it is God's word. Written by men, authored by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, its subject is the greatest of all subjects—Jesus. 52 Weeks Through the Bible was written not only to take a "trip around the Bible" and see some of its greatest sites and hear some of its greatest stories but to whet the appetite to land the plane, dock the ship and walk through every word, verse and chapter and experience it's life-changing power on a daily basis. Enjoy this book for 52 weeks and then His book every day."
James Merritt, author of 52 Weeks Through the Bible

Editorial Reviews

"[Merritt] invites readers to enter the world of the Bible devotionally. Using personal stories and practical explanations, he helps readers understand the Bible's major themes, people, and events, from Genesis to Revelation in 52 chapters, five short sections to each chapter. Fantastic resource for new believers"
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“Pastor James Merritt is witty, insightful, and always biblical.”

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