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52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads
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Release Date: March 2013
Page Count: 208
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4810-4
Case Lot Quantity: 60

52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads

What Fathers Can Do to Build a Lasting Relationship

Most dads love their daughters, but they’re uncertain how they can show that love in a way their daughters understand…or figure out what their girls really need from them.

Jay Payleitner has given thousands of dads great, man-friendly advice in his bestselling 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad. Now Jay guides his readers into what is unexplored territory for many of them—girl land—giving them ways to…

  • do things with their daughters, not just for them
  • lecture less and listen more
  • be on the lookout for “hero moments” and take advantage of them
  • realize that their daughters are females…and tailor their actions and responses accordingly
  • give their daughters a positive view of the male sex

Dads will feel respected and encouraged—not made to feel guilty—and they’ll gain confidence to initiate activities that build lifelong positives into their girls. Great gift or men’s group resource.

Meet the author

Jay Payleitner

Jay Payleitner

Jay Payleitner is one of the top freelance Christian radio producers in the United States. He has worked on Josh McDowell Radio, Today's Father, Jesus Freaks Radio for the Voice of the Martyrs, Project Angel Tree with Chuck Colson, and many others. He’s also a popular speaker on parenting and marriage and the...

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A Word from the Author

“If you ever met my ray of sunshine—my daughter, Rae Anne—you would instantly want to know the secrets in this book. Rae is wise, tenacious, winsome, beautiful, tough, sweet, and unforgettable. (She’s also in her second year at West Point.) Her four older brothers would confirm she is the best of the bunch and clear proof that girls are different than boys. But really, this book is for all dads who love their daughters and want to be ready for the heartwarming moments, gut-wrenching fears, quirky surprises, and breathtaking emotions of raising a young lady to be all God has called her to be. Dad, you’re the right man for the job. Because no matter what age she is, she will always be your little girl.”
Jay Payleitner, author of 52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads

Editorial Reviews

“Fathers who want to learn how to nurture their relationships with their daughters will gain insight from this book.”
Church Libraries

52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads is a carefully thought out instruction book, tested and tried by the author, that will enhance your relationship with your daughter…”

“The part I love most about this book is how Jay writes. He writes like I imagine he talks; very informal and personable… I could relate to his points, his stories, and his fears. I connected with him very quickly and it felt like he was talking straight to me about my daughter.”


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“This was a great read and very inspirational. I’m always trying to find ways to build a better relationship with my kids and this book helped a lot.”

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"This book is not only practical and incredibly insightful, but this is stuff I can immediately incorporate in relating to my three daughters. Jay Payleitner has done a wonderful job making this a go-to book for dads of daughters. Hint: Moms, buy this book for your husband!"
Jim Burns, president of HomeWord and author of Teenology and Confident Parenting

"In easy-to-swallow and to-the-point snippets, Jay gives dads fantastic advice. This is a great tool for any father who wants to be intentional about raising whole and healthy children in a culture that makes that task difficult. I love his approachable writing voice and the alarming but truthful cultural research you'll find in this book."
Dannah Gresh, author of Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl and Six Ways to Keep the "Good" in Your Boy

"Every dad wants his daughter to grow up with dignity, self-respect, grace, humility, virtue and significance. These attributes do not come overnight. Jay's approach helps dads with the development of these desirable character traits from early childhood through walking them down the aisle. This man-of-God approach will play a major role in our daughters selecting a man of God for a husband."
Darrel Billups, executive director of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men

"Although raising a daughter seems foreign and frightening to many men, we play a huge role in our little girls' lives. In this book, my friend Jay provides dads with a wealth of insights and practical ideas that will help them invest wisely in their daughters' lives. Maybe best of all, he does it in a way that allows dads to smile and get rid of the fright. He instills confidence that you can have a close and difference-making relationship with your daughter."
Carey Casey, CEO of The National Center for Fathering, radio host of Today's Father, and author of Championship Fathering

"What a wise and wonderful book! Jay Payleitner has given us not only 52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads...he has given us 52 practical, funny, doable, and amazingly powerful things daughters need from their dads. Read this book and be sure that you give copies to every father of a daughter. He will rise up and call you blessed. His daughters will too!"
Steve Brown, popular author, seminary professor, and radio teacher on Key Life

"Dads have the unique opportunity to influence, guide, and encourage their daughters to grow into godly and gracious young ladies. Jay Payleitner mixes humor with wisdom and biblical insights to help strengthen the bonds between family members. 52 Things Daughters Need from their Dads is a playbook that gives a father the tools he can use for building a lasting and loving relationship."
Karol Ladd, bestselling author of The Power of a Positive Mom

"Payleitner has done it again! Each section of this treasure chest of wisdom contains insights on what every daughter needs from her daddy, and tips every man needs to think about—all in an easy-to-read format. Well done, my friend!"
Rick Johnson, bestselling author of Better Dads, Stronger Sons and That's My Girl

"Just about all the dads I know want their relationship with their daughters to be the best it can possibly be. But then life interrupts. We get distracted with other things and before we know it, she's out the door pursuing life on her own. 52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads is so helpful not only because it reminds us of the priority our daughters should have in our lives, it also gives us creative, useful ideas for how to create an unbreakable bond with them. Thanks, Jay, for your heart to help all of us dads!"
Wayne Shepherd, national Christian radio host of First Person with Wayne Shepherd

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