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365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know
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Release Date: June 2010
Print Length: 192
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3959-1

365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know

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Renowned leader John Haggai has instructed many on the enduring characteristics and principles at the core of successful leadership. Now his leadership wisdom has been distilled in this collection of 365 pithy sayings sure to inspire and motivate readers.

Here is just a sampling of the memorable daily reminders for all who seek to become even more effective in their leadership role.

  • “Attempt something so great for God, it’s doomed to failure unless God is in it.”
  • “The effective speaker has something worthy to say and says it worthily.”
  • “Leaders without vision are like guides without a map.”
  • “A large gift is a gift of any size into which the sacrificial spirit has been introduced.”

This little book offers big inspiration for leaders and aspiring leaders in any vocation.

Meet the author

John Edmund Haggai

John Edmund Haggai, founder and president of Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training, is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and "leader of leaders." He is the author of several books including How to Win Over Worry and 365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know.  He has helped people around the world with his practical formulas...

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A Word from the Author

“I believe that repeating divine truths can change your life. The Bible and modern psychology confirm it. These 365 nuggets of leadership wisdom were born of Scripture and refined through years of experience. Read them. Memorize them. Repeat them through the day. They’ll condition your mind and spirit for leadership success.”
John Edmund Haggai, author of 365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know

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“John Haggai has forgotten more about leadership than most people ever knew. Read this little book and find out what he knows. It will make a difference in your life.”
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager®and Lead Like Jesus

“In these powerful nuggets of eternal leadership verities, John Haggai once again demonstrates that he understands leadership as well as anybody on the planet. Every leader or aspiring leader would do well to have a copy of this little book on the desk and on the nightstand; the one to refer to it daily and the other to sleep on it nightly.”
Dr. Robert Leslie Holmes, Senior Pastor, Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church

“As a longtime friend of Dr. John Haggai, I have personally seen his motivational power and insights change lives and inspire greatness in leaders of all degree. This book is a goldmine of wisdom for anyone wanting to reach higher.”
Dick DeVos

“Over the past many years I have read most of Dr. John Edmund Haggai's publications. I could relate to so many of these quotes having remembered reading them and am happy to be re-reading them for they are truly gems of Dr. Haggai's wisdom. There are many of my family and friends who will be receiving a copy for Christmas.”
Mary Anna Fowler

“John is able to succinctly put into words that which greatly benefits the soul.”
Thomas S. Haggai, Chairman of the Board, IGA, Inc.

“86 years of learning, insight and wisdom gleaned from ministry and growing an international leadership organization from the ground up give John Haggai unparalleled perspective and unique ability to communicate leadership constructs that deliver excellence in short order, straight to the point.

“It’s not 10 this, and 25 that…no there is real meat here…buy it for yourself…your staff…change your culture…change the company…drive and deliver excellence within your organization today.”
—D. Scott Smith

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