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10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl
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Release Date: January 2011
Print Length: 192
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4076-4

10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl

Living with Less of You and More of Life

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Amy Parham, a former fat girl who became a fit girl after losing more than 100 pounds, learned what it takes to stay fit inside and out. In 10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl, she offers nuggets of insight for changing not only the fat-girl body but also the fat-girl mentality. Focusing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our relationship with food and exercise, Amy shows how readers can make this a healthy partnership that brings permanent change. Amy speaks from experience as she

  • identifies with the reader struggling with a food addiction
  • describes emotional pitfalls that serve as triggers for overeating
  • explores the mental and emotional benefits of regular exercise
  • illustrates how and why fitness must be a lifelong pursuit
  • demonstrates how to transform our minds as well as our bodies

The result is a practical, proven plan that will help any reader reprogram the fat-girl mentality into fit-girl reality.

Meet the author

Amy Parham

Amy Parham

Amy Parham co-authored with her husband, Phil, The 90-Day Fitness Challenge and The 90-Day Fitness Challenge DVD. She and Phil were contestants on Season 6 of NBC’ s The Biggest Loser. Over a seven-month period, they recorded the highest percentage of weight loss of any couple in the program’ s history. Married for more than 20 years,...

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Editorial Reviews

“This book isn't just about losing weight, but rather an emotional journey in finding a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. This book will inspire readers to want to seek out ways in which they can become more whole, healthy people who let go of the past and look forward to a healthy future. This is a great read.”

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“Amy once again presents nothing short of her true self in each page, and by doing so, she's able to capture the unspoken thoughts of thousands of women facing the same struggle. She has an uncanny way of making weight loss approachable and realistic. She won't soon be the only former fat girl!”
—Brandi Koskie for DietsInReview.com

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