Unpack Your Faith in a Fresh New Way

Posted on May 15, 2018   Topic : Inspirational/Devotional, Women's Christian Living
Posted by : Rebecca List-Bergeron

Have you ever noticed that some things are difficult to put in boxes? Lamps, bicycles, and plants – they just don’t fit easily into neatly defined packages.

Faith is like that. It’s impossible to bundle faith into a tidy system of rules or even a precise list of doctrines. Like a plant in a dark box, if faith is constricted too long, it will begin to wilt.

I encourage you to give your faith a breath of fresh air. Explore it. Express it in fresh new ways that are uniquely you. I pray that this spring season will refresh and inspire your soul, and that you will encounter our amazing Creator God in ways that transcend borders and expand horizons.

In this season of renewal, I invite you to explore and create. Be open to having the Lord speak to you in new ways. It might be while you are out exploring nature. It might be while you are reading your Bible and you discover a new “life verse” or experience an old favorite Scripture in a new way.

Following God is anything but boring. Let’s celebrate this truth. Let’s be adventurous enough to explore beyond the old boundaries and borders. Let’s venture to the places where we find a deeper connection with our God, the ultimate Artist, the ultimate Creator.

To start you on your new faith adventure, here's some activities I designed to help inspire you. Download them here: FAITH OUTSIDE THE LINES 


Looking for additional activities to unleash your creative side?

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