The Ultimate Promise Keeper

Posted on Sep 13, 2018   Topic : Prophecy
Posted by : Todd Hampson

Have you ever been let down? Lied to? Abandoned? Abused? Has that experience tainted your view of the Heavenly Father? If so, I have great news to share with you. Scripture proves that God is a faithful and loving promise-keeper.

Fulfilled Bible prophecy is one of the most compelling evidences that the Bible is from God. We learn from studying Bible prophecy that major historical events were told centuries, and in some cases, thousands of years in advance. These prophecies were fulfilled in exact detail. No other document in the world can make this claim. The only logical explanation is that the book is supernatural in nature.

I can’t show God to you, but I can show you his fingerprints all over fulfilled prophecy. Christianity is believed by faith, but I hope to demonstrate that it is a faith built on facts and evidence rather than a blind faith. God never expected us to check our brains at the door as we consider the claims of Scripture. For those sincerely seeking patterns of evidence, I believe they will follow those patterns to the God of the Bible.

Experts report that 27-33% of the Bible is prophecy. Over 10,000 of the 31,102 verses in the Bible contain prophecy, and half of those have already been fulfilled. That is no small down payment. God has put his money where his mouth is and has demonstrated his promise-keeping faithfulness to generations of believers.

So, if you are hurting today—wondering if there is anything to truly believe in—take a look at the mountain of fulfilled Bible prophecy and know that God loves you, has a glorious plan for your future, and wants you to trust Him, even though others have let you down. The God of the Bible is a true and trustworthy promise-keeper.

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