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Send Them Back to School in a Special Way

Posted on Aug 03, 2020   Topic : Inspirational/Devotional, Women's Christian Living

A typical school year brings a backpack full of adjustments for your children—different classrooms, new teachers, and tougher academic challenges. But this year could be especially unsettling for your kids and your family as you cope with the new realities of life amid the coronavirus pandemic. This fun and functional workstation is a small way to make your young students feel secure and special, especially if your home has become their new classroom. 

Decorate to Educate

Let’s face it, your kids are likely to be more into the snacks than the way you style your home. However, each time you add a decorative feature that salutes their school experience, you reinforce the importance of education. Your creative efforts will inspire their creativity to flourish. Mama, nothing is wasted. Don’t ever forget that.

Homework Headquarters

A homework station is a strategic, inspiring way to help your kids enjoy learning. This simple DIY for your home organizes a space to hold all the necessary supplies. Just think—no more stalling productivity by running all over the house looking for missing papers.

I like the openness of our homework station. The instant accessibility to the supplies is motivating. Invite your kid to participate in choosing the elements that make the space bright and inviting. They can focus on the fun while you focus on the function.

If your kiddos don’t yet have homework, set up this area as a creation station or imagination station (like a craft stash for kids!). Include tape, ribbons, markers, and sketch paper.

1. Choose a spot in your home, such as the corner of a room, a closet (or the bottom half of one), or a desk.

2. Clear the space to start with a clean slate.

3. Add small jars and containers.

4. Fill the containers with stellar study supplies, such as pencils and pens, erasers, paper and notepads, markers, ruler, glue stick, scissors, paper clips, sticky notes in favorite colors, date planner, and inspirational stickers.

5. Sprinkle in inspiring colors, photos, or quotes.

6. If there is a wall, hang up a calendar, chalkboard, or corkboard.

BONUS TIP: Create a portable homework station. Even if you have a homework headquarters, an easy-travel kit is handy for afternoons at the home of a neighbor or grandparent.

Looking for more fun ways to celebrate back-to-school and other special occasions?

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