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Coming Soon: The Cure for Your Kids’ Boredom

Posted on Feb 23, 2021   Topic :

“I’m bored.” 

Parents have been hearing that a lot these days. Surely millions of parents, all riding the same figurative struggle bus through the COVID-19 pandemic, can feel the boredom. It’s profound and inescapable. With so many kids and parents home for the last several months and so many things remaining unavailable and closed, it is inevitable. Parents are lucky to escape the ever-inflammatory “I’m bored” in a good year, let alone the last two!

The boredom is positively oozing out of kids’ pores at this point. But that’s gross. Kids ooze enough. And it’s not the point.

No, the point is to recognize the right type of help when it comes. The point is to add to your vault of parenting tricks with the most precious of go-to’s, the best answer ever to any kid saying, “I’m bored.”

That answer? The Bible Infographics Activity Book and Bible Infographics Playing Cards. (Okay, technically, "answers.")

“Oh, great…an ad,” you’re muttering to yourself at this point. Well, yes, kind of. (#sorrynotsorry)

But the meaningful takeaways (that will have you buying these products, hint, hint) baked into these books are well worth the investment. Bible Infographics for Kids is all about family time, engaging with God's Word, and connecting in a way that can help any parent can beat back the boredom.

Learning Isn’t Linear

During the development of each Bible Infographics project, our team asks, “Is this fun?" which really translates to, “Will kids find this boring…and will parents think it’s interesting too?” That’s our guiding principles, and the stakes are even higher now with parents and kids stuck at home during a pandemic with less access to church and youth/small group studies.

We've discovered not just what keeps kids from being bored but also, obviously, that not all kids learn the same. Out of this realization came a wonderful tapestry of diverse activities designed to jumpstart kids’ interest and spark a desire to immerse themselves in the Bible. It’s quite something to behold a book and games that require no specific starting point but will always end with a more engaged Bible learner...guaranteed. (Or at least mostly definite?...Likely certain?...Well, probable)

Keep a Bible Handy

You’re saying to yourself right about now, “Well, yeah. Of course, we own a Bible.” Trust that every single Bible Infographic product includes teases, Easter eggs, and lead-ins to productive discussions about the Bible. We have no shortage of desire to engage kids with the Bible in such a fun, unique way that they’ll view these products as the sampler. Think about the times a movie has helped you understand a book so much better. That’s what Bible Infographics are designed to do. And it happens in spades with playing cards and activites.

The best outcome we can hope for is that kids enjoy their time with Bible Infographic activities and games but treasure their time afterward immersing themselves in the Word of God.

Play, Play, Play

This is clearly important but often overlooked. Bible Infographics Activity Book and Playing Cards are designed to be played. And while that fun aspect allows kids to connect in a unique way to the Bible message, it allows a deeper more meaningful learning experience. If they’re playing with their family, kids learn the importance of the Bible to their family. They understand how it should be woven throughout their time as a family and, especially, hwo their parents apply the Bible to everyday life. 

These are also a secret, not-so-well-disguised witnessing tool. Kids can give them as presents or, when it’s safe again, interact together with their friends. Even the hardest heart will have a hard time overcoming the funny quips on the playing cards or styling Samson’s hair occasionally.

So, imagine now as you tightly tie on your parenting/teacher Rambo-style bandana and apply camo paint to your beleaguered face. Hope rises as you look to the distant hills as the sun is setting. Your gaze is fixed on the slow-motion rescue helicopters flying toward you, as if you're in a Michael Bay movie. On their sides you see in crisply designed, foiled font: Bible Infographics.

Help has arrived.  

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