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Are You Overdue for a Heart-to-Heart with God?

Posted on Jul 28, 2020   Topic : Inspirational/Devotional, Women's Christian Living

In times of restlessness or busyness, it is easy to forget (or ignore) the access we have to God’s heart. Wherever we are geographically, emotionally, or spiritually we can commune with the creator. So why delay partaking in the extravagant wonder of prayer another moment?

Let’s sink into the presence of God by lifting up prayers for the universal human needs of hope, provision, and comfort. Speak them aloud, whisper them, or use as kickstarts to write your own prayers. May you feel the renewal that follows a heart-to-heart with God.


You are the God of promises. I receive an inheritance of hope and possibility because you give to your children an expanse of life to cultivate. I may not own a plot of land, but I do have permission to care for this life, tend to it, and seek your will for its harvest. I exist because of the generations of my family before me. My faith and hope exist because of my salvation in you. Today I will take some of the firstfruits from these legacies and enter my future with proof of your goodness.

Pause to hear what God speaks to your heart. How will you be a good steward of your inheritance of hope?


I grow weary on my journey sometimes. You have carried me often, Lord. I have felt used and useless when going through a rough spot—a dry existence that lacks nourishment and substance. Anything I try to grow just withers and blows away toward the horizon…far away from me. I look back on these times of my journey. You have sent showers of refreshment in many ways—opportunities appeared when I doubted their existence, kindness humbled me and my bad attitude, and abundant love flooded through me. Your provision has brought me back to life. My path continues, and I am no longer afraid of the droughts I may face along the way.

How are you experiencing God’s care today? How might God be leading you to live and share from the refreshment he gives?


I have been staring at the ceiling for hours. I feel the urgency to talk to you. But there is silence, so I stare and wonder and ponder. Then I begin to remember all the times you have been there for me. All the times I watched with amazement as you shaped a trial into a treasure, a struggle into a strength. You speak to me now through these remembrances. I am not alone. I never have been. And this is what you remind me of over and over through your acts of faithfulness.

What memories of God’s faithfulness come to mind? Settle in and receive the comforting balm of gratitude.


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